INTERNeX New Zealand PuB NiGHT 4.0 – Update

Hey All,

Are you still waiting for Wednesday? We are sure you are…:-) Don’t know why?

Because it’s Pubnight and you will made this night amazing again. You are wondering now how you could do it…just by joining the funny INTERNeX group and bringing your friends. Then we will definitly have a great night out in Auckland.

Also the early sunset and the bad weather are the best reasons to spend Wednesday night in several pubs with nice people!

We hope to see you all tomorrow at the Rakinos Bar and as usual you are mostly welcome to bring your friends.

And we just wanted to let you know that it is no problem to join us later tonight, we have booked a table for 6.45 pm in the awesome Cassette Nr 9.

We hope to see you later!

When?:     Wednesday 04. May, 6 p.m.

Where?:    Rakinos Pub Level 1,35 High Street


Caroline & Paul




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