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If you like Pancakes maybe I have here your Picture of the week.

After the last big partynight in Auckland I really needed a big breakfast and thought about the right one. I wanted to have a typical Kiwibreakfast and I had to decide between Pancakes and Ham & Eggs. In the end the apetite for something sweet was stronger.

So I started my Pancake adventure. Even if I am not a good chef it wasn’t that hard to make some good pancakes. If you  wanna try it one your own just mix 1 cup flour, 2 tablespoons sugar, 2 teasponns baking powder and half a teaspoon salt. Then stir in one large egg, 2 tablespoons oil and add some milk until the dough has a pourable consistence.

Now you just have to cook the pancakes in a hot and well greased pan. And ready are your pancakes. You can eat them originally with butter and syrup or take the healty version with fruits and some jam…like me..;-)

See the result! Are you hungry now?



But if you aren’t keen to cook at all I found an incredible cafe for Pancake lovers in North Shore. At the Dutch Delight you can have Pancakes with almost everything. What about an Indonesian Pancake, Seafood Pancake or one with warm cherris and ice cream. Sounds good, ey?

You can easily integrate a visit at this amazing cafe  with a trip to Devonport. It’s just a 15 minute walk from the ferry station to the Dutch Delight. If you wanna know more about it, visit for more information and the whole menu..;-)

But what about your experience with New Zealand food? Do you have a tip what to eat or where to go? Please tell us – cause we love food…;-) And don’t forget to send us your Picture of the week and the little story with it….


Enjoy your meal!

Cheers, Caro


PuB NiGHT on Wednesday…

Hey Party People,

Are you already looking forward to Wednesday? You should because the famous INTERNeX PuB NiGHT will take place again!! Again we will start at the Rakinos to give the new candidates the chance to get to know this lovely place. And let’s see where we will go afterwards. Maybe you have a great idea for a new location.

So bring all of your friends and good mood to the PuB NiGHT on Wednesday and lets have an unforgettable evening.


When? Wednesday, June 29 at 6.00 pm

Where? Rakinos Pub, Level 1,35 High Street

I would love to see everyone this Wednesday at the 8th PuB NiGHT .



PR-Department INTERNeX NewZealand

Picture of the week…

Hey all!

This week I want to crown a picture which was literally lying directly on the streets of Auckland, exactly in the district Ponsonby.

Look at this cute little dog in front of the Letham gallery in Ponsonby. If you go with open eyes through the city you don´t have to go that far for seeing some beautiful spots.


How about spending a day in one of Auckland’s nicest districts? There is heaps to see and to explore as the Picture shows.

So even if you are not an art-freak you should have a look at one of the galleries. They shelter a huge range of modern and decorative art. Letham ( and Smyth gallery ( are just examples for art exhibited in characteristic houses, creating the special flair of Ponsonby.

On a sunny day you can also experience the art outdoors at “Western Park” located at the end of Ponsonby Road. Here you can see some artistic park furniture created by a local silversmith and sculptures made by John Redford located in the frontage of Ponsonby Road. Since 1874 the Park follows a design concept called ‘Lily of the Valley’.

There is also a viewing platform – looking to the harbour – at the southern end of the park.

But if you don’t like art at all you can have a look at Ponsonby Road Market, that is taking place every Saturday from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm. You can find a lot of individual stuff in one of the tiny designer stores as well as average shops. And the best thing is you could go shopping when it’s raining due to the roofed shopping street on each side of the road.















But should I tell you the best thing about this area? This are the cafes…you can sit in affectionately furnished restaurants with nice backyards. They have the best bakeries and cafes there. Check out Ripe and Il Forno. And if you don’t like coffee, there are lots of bars, as well…;-) But convince yourself and spend a day in Ponsonby.

You could get there easily and quickly with the Link bus (, which makes it flexible and spontaneous and you don´t have to plan anything.

Have a nice weekend!

See ya in Ponsonby..;-)

Cheers, Caro

Travelling in a Campervan

Hey all!

This weekend – I know it sounds crazy- but I have been out of Auckland again…:-)

It was really adventuresome this time, because I joined two friends of mine, who started their big trip through New Zealand in a Campervan!

So I got the unique chance to overnight at a wonderful place in Taupo for free.

We started the trip Friday midday in Auckland and first drove to Waitomo, where the friends of mine explored the Waitomo Caves via Blackwater Rafting and I visited the Waitomo Discovery Centre to learn about the formation of the Caves and the history of their exploration.

After that we planned to do the Tongariro Crossing the next day, but because of the weather it was impossible, so we had to think about a new plan.

We decided to spent the night in Taupo, because its a big city with a huge range of activities. So we drove through the night and it was so much fun, exploring the country with the Campervan. After shopping some food for dinner we found a really nice place at Acacia Bay, where we enjoyed some pasta and a wine for dinner. Ever tried to cook in a 4 square metre kitchen-living, and sleeping room? A real chaos with three girls but also much fun!













The next day we woke up really late, due to the sleeping comfort of the Campervan. It took us 3 hours to get ready! Because of the ongoing rain we decided to spend the next hours at the AC Bath in Taupo ( with 35 degree warm water and a sauna. The best thing you can do at a rainy day!

At the Friendscafé at the promenade of famous Lake Taupo we had coffee, pie and a nice chat with the waiter before I said goodbye to the girls. They continued their trip to Palmerston North. Safe travel for them!


I spent the night in a lovely hostel (, where I met a girl from a city in Germany, where I used to live for three years. Crazy little world…;-)

After a good night I travelled back to Auckland by bus on Sunday and enjoyed again the beautiful landscape of New Zealand.

So hope you guys are getting some new ideas for travelling now cause this is what you should definitely do here.

Hope to hear from your experiences.

Cheers, Caro

Another lucky winner…

Hey guys,

the Picture of the week is found! It shows the Beach of Motuihe Island. Robert choosed it because it impresses him all the time.

Fair enough, I think. But look at it and make your own decision…

As prize, Robert won two tickets for the Rugbygame on Friday, where he can see the Blues vs. Highlanders. Hope you really enjoy the great Kiwievent Robert!

And I am really excited to see your pitures. Send your funny, weird or just beautiful picture of your time in New Zealand to

After making Robert a lucky winner the 7th Pubnight went on with some really nice chats and drinks at the usual bars, because we had another fellows last Pubnight…so we visited all the typical places where we had been the past Pubnights.



And I was really lucky to see some new faces at the Pubnight yesterday…that makes it always so interesting…so please don’t hesitate to bring your friends.

We finished the evening at Danny Doolans with some really tasty drinks, a great atmosphere and LIVE MUSIK! I will try to find more of it in this city…;-)

Thanks to all attending yesterday and especially for the new travel ideas…;-)

Cheers guys!

Have a nice start in the weekend!


Lets tell you something about an awesome trip!

Hey all!

Hope you guys are fine and enjoy your time in New Zealand. Maybe you are already thinking about traveling after your workexperience or during a break.

As you may have noticed I do this a lot and in every way you can imagine. And last week I had the possibility to travel with Stray. Paul and I went on a Stray trip with some other guys from the travel industry in New Zealand and Australia.


We got a really good impression of what it means to get “Further off the beaten track”. Seeing some really unique places around the central North Island that makes Stray such a great tour company.

We started our five days full of action in Raglan, where we had been Surfing in Winter and met the owner of the amazing lodge Charlie and his wife on a beautiful sunset cruise in the Raglan harbour.


The next day we went to The Waitomo caves, doing climbing, abseiling and crawling through really small places in the caves. For me it was one of the biggest challenges I have ever confronted in my life and definite must-do!

After everyone got dry again we made our way to the East Coast of New Zealand. In just 5 hours we crossed this wonderful country and ended up at a traditional Maori marae (meeting house) Here we watched a Maori cultural show, enjoyed a typical Hangi meal and all slept together in the marae.


On the third day we went on to the National Park, stopping at a secret place for swimming in the hot river and visiting the Huka falls. We made a short walk in the beautiful and impressive Tongariro National Park and after a delicious dinner in the National Park Lodge we celebrated the Birthday of our fellow travellers.


The last day we went on to the amazing new overnight stop of Stray – the Blue Duck Lodge – where we met Dan and his crew again. He and his team made our stay an unforgettable outdoor adventure again. After doing a whole bunch of activities like Jetboatriding, 4-wheel-driving and clay-pigeon shooting a lot of us thought about coming back to this hidden and unique place in New Zealand one day again in the future.


Exhausted but happy and full of new ideas we came back to Auckland on Sunday. With a lot of new friends and satisfied I can say travelling this way is really safe, adventurous and definitely a lot of fun.


So if you like to have an organised holiday with many possibilities for activity and unique adventures you should hop on a Stray bus. You can ask me any questions about Stray and if you want to book a trip you can book it with us here at INTERNeX as well.

Thanks to the Stray-team for a wonderful trip!



Cheers, Caro

INTERNeX New Zealand PuB NiGHT 7.0 – Wednesday again!

Hey all!

Come join us this Wednesday for another wonderful evening in Auckland.

As usual, we will meet at the Rakinos; just a stonethrow away from the INTERNeX office. I am really excited to hear what you guys did the last two weeks and what your plans are for the upcoming weekends.

So take your friends and come to the lovely Rakinos!

If you have any questions, need our help, let us know by sending an email to

See you all this Wednesday!

When?:     Wednesday, 15th of June, 6 pm

Where?:    Rakinos Pub Level 1,35 High Street

Your PR-team

INTERNeX New Zealand

Picture of the week – next chance

Hey Aucklanders!

Have you seen the amazing picture of Marie-Coralie last week? Maybe you have a similar one that could be the winning photo for some Rugby tickets. So heres the new chance for you. Send us your favourite picture of New Zealand until Wednesday, 15th of June next week and hopefully you are the next lucky person enjoying a typical Kiwi evening at the Eden Park.

The game will be on Friday, 17th of June at 7:35 pm at Eden Park.

So have a look through your pictures and send the best to!


Good Luck and have a nice week!


Paul & Caro

PR-Team INTERNeX New Zealand

Queens Birthday weekend in Auckland…

Hey all!

Hope you had a nice and relaxed long Queens-Birthday-weekend. I will tell you what I have done.

Saturday was quite reaxed, just did some organising stuff and getting prepared for the winter with a thermos flask.

Later in the evening I enjoyed some movies while tasting a nice New Zealand wine with my flatmates.

On the sunny Sunday me and a friend went to Howick to visit the Historical Village there, which was really impressive. When you see all these old houses, you can’t imagine that people lived in this way just 150 years ago with nothing to do in the evenings. We talked to the woman – who is welcoming all of the visitors- and asked her, what the people did in the cold, dark winter evenings. She answered, that they just went to bed. This seems to be unimaginable, also when you see the old pictures of Auckland, which was pretty rural and small in the old times. But the Historical Village is a really good idea for a day out of Auckland – full of history!

If you need more information, please visit .

Monday, Queens Birthday, I used to go shopping at the outlet shopping center Dress Smart in Onehunga! I was successful like girls always are, when they go shopping…;-) But it was really crowded….so the better way for a relaxed shopping expedition would be during the week.

So I hope you also had a successful weekend and if you want to know more about how to get to these places just contact me.

Have a nice start in the week and see you all at the next PuB NiGHT.

Cheers, Caro

Paul, Pubnight & Picture of the week

The 6th Pubnight was charactized by several specials…Birthday….Winning & Farewell.

But one after another!

We started the Thursday night in the Rakinos, where we became a group of about 10. We could congratulate two of them:

INTERNeX intern Robert spent his birthday at the PuB Night. Congratulation and all the best for your time here in Auckland again, Robert!

And as we pronounced you, we also handed over the prize for the winner of the Picture of the week.

This week Marie-Coralie was the lucky winner, because she sent us a really funny picture from her workplace. She must have a really hard job..;-) Look at the picture and you will see, what I mean…

This hard work has to be rewarded. So Marie-Coralie can enjoy the Rugby game. Congratulation again!

So the 6th PuB Night was characterised by a lot of fun and a little bit of sadness because it was Pauls last PuB Night. But even the Pubs were really quite we eventually ended up in the Cassette Number Nine, where we danced until we coudn’t stand anymore and drank shots out of little cans.

So I think the last PuB Night became one of the best and turned into an unforgettable evening for Paul.

Thank you Paul for establishing the INTERNeX New Zealand PuB Night and you guys for joining it many times! Hope to have some more of them…;-)



PR-Team INTERNeX New Zealand