And again a new intern!

Hi everyone,

There is again a new face at the INTERNeX office! My name is Lotte May Heida. I am from Holland, but I have been living in Switzerland for the last 3 years. I have studied European Studies in The Hague and afterwards I have been working in Switzerland. I also did another study in dancing in Switzerland, which I finished in July. After all this hard work, I felt like it was necessary to get a change of location again and this is how I came to INTERNeX New Zealand. During my studies I worked together with people from all over the world. I absolutely loved to learn about different cultures, different values and simply different ways of life. Which is why I am very much looking forward to working here at INTERNeX and meeting all of you!

I have arrived here last wednesday, so I am still learning about Auckland and of course about New Zealand in general. This is why I went on friday on the free bustour of STRAY around the city. It was a great way of getting to know other people, getting to know Auckland and it also offered the opportunity to get some amazing views of the city. There was a little game at the site of the skytower and one of the group won the prize of jumping off the skytower. I was very happy it wasn’t me who won this prize as I don’t like to throw myself off of buildings voluntarily. Afterwards we went for lunch in a pub where we also got the chance to taste some New Zealand beers. As grand finale, we went to the harbour bridge where some of the group again took their chances of taking a discounted (because we were with STRAY) bungeejump.

So I am looking forward to meeting you and don’t hesitate to contact me, Robin or Chris if you have any questions about your stay here in New Zealand. Also, contact us when you’re making your plans for travelling around New Zealand, as we might be able to get you some special deals.



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