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Stray also in Asia !

Hi everyone,

Christmas is approaching and of course it is the perfect time for presents…

That’s why Stray is offering 12 Stray Asia passes, one everyday before Christmas.

If you buy a Stray pass during this period, you get automatically into the draw.

And if you can’t travel over there, the passes are transferrable (quite a good Christmas gift for a friend…).

If you want to book or have any questions, you can drop an email at or come directly to the office.

Cheers, Robin.



Bye Bye Auckland

Hey everyone,

Today was my last day at INTERNeX. I had a great time here in Auckland and that was partly thanks to you all. It was great seeing you on the PuB NiGHTS, during weekends away when discovering the North Island, on the Christmas party or just in our office!

I learned a lot about INTERNeX and I really hope that I could be of any assistance for you whenever you came to me to see me!

So guys, I am off to the South Island and will start my life as a real backpacker from tomorrow onwards!

Take care and enjoy New Zealand!



Christmas Party review.

Hey everyone,

We wanted with Chris and Lotte to thank you all for coming to the Christmas party, I spent a great afternoon and I hope it was the same for you.

I will upload some photos on Flickr and Facebook soon.
Enjoy the end of the year…

Cheers, Robin.

Boxing Day : Horses & Nice Dresses.

Hi everyone,

You may know that in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada the day after Christmas, called Boxing Day, is a holiday. And this is a tradition for a lot of people to go to the races and spend there the day with their families and friends. In the UK especially, it’s a big day for sport.

With my housemates we will surely go to the Ellerslie race courses for the day, the general admission is at 20$/person and 40$ for four persons. With this formula you have access to a field with BBQs, you can have some beers, watch the races and maybe bet some money, who knows you might be the great winner of the day… The formula « Beach, beats, and BBQ’s » seems pretty interesting as well.

There is no dress code in those areas but if you want to access some other areas on the oncourse, you’d better be careful with your dressing, or you could be not accepted… You can find the dress code here :

Those other areas are for example the Fashion Village (59$) where you have to be dressed the trendiest possible. There you have access to the betting facilities and are hosted with a glass of Moa or of Stella Artois. But if you want to spend a memorable day, you can also go to the upper stands at the Champagne Lawn where for 145$ you have a « gourmet luncheon » and the best view possible on the racecourse.

You can get more infos and book tickets online through the link below :

Cheers, Robin.