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Picture of the Week

The picture of the week comes from my weekend spent in the Northland, and is taken in the Waipoua Kauri Forest.


Picture of the Week


Kauri trees are the second biggest tree species in the world after sequoias and this is the largest Kauri tree in the world (you can find Kauris in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands…).

Picture of the Week

The picture of this week represents the Mt. Ngauruhoe which has been used by Peter Jackson to be the Mt. Doom of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

Picture of the Week - Mt. Ngauruhoe

You can find all the locations seen in the movies on websites, and tours are organized for example in Wellington to get you there.

INTERNeX New Zealand : How was your weekend ?

Hi everyone, I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was not particularly busy but on Sunday I went to Orakei Domain where I met the Auckland Blues team as they were playing with kids for a little session to meet the fans. I could get some good pictures with All Blacks and had some stuff signed by them.

Chris went to Splore 2012 where apparently he had a great time, camping and going to the concerts.

I hope your weekend was busy but in a good way !

Cheers, Robin

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INTERNeX New Zealand : Casual Friday.

Hi everyone, here is the first article of the weekly series of « Casual Friday » where you will have the smell of the weekend coming.

So for the first article, I’m going to write about what is my passion and what coincides with the actuality : Rugby !

You may have heard or seen it but next week is the return of the Super 15 which is the second-best rugby championship in the world (people here will tell you it is the best, but in France we pride ourselves to think ours is the best…). Anyway you can’t miss that, even more if you missed the World Cup…

The Super 15 is the combination of 15 teams from 3 countries (South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, 5 teams for every country), and the local representatives are the Auckland Blues.

So with tickets going from 20$ it is the perfect occasion to discover and understand live the complicated rules of the best sport in the whole world (ok I may be over-enthusiast but trust me, it is an awesome sport…) !

The first game of the season is gonna be next Friday at 7 :30PM at Eden Park and is surely going to be one of the best games of the season with the Blues battling against the Canterbury Crusaders, their biggest rivals. Basically, half of the All Blacks team is going to be on the pitch and as the stadium will not be over-crowded, you have great chances to approach the players at the end of the game !

Here is the link to buy a ticket :

Have a great weekend, Robin.

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INTERNeX New Zealand : What to do on the weekend.

This weekend you have some of the biggest festivals of the year !

Devonport Wine & Food Festival : The festival gathers some of the best wineries in the country and is coming with great food. But apart from that you also have great bands and singers emerging on the New Zealand. You can either purchase tickets for the Saturday or for the Sunday, both of them at 30$.

Website :

Splore 2012 : In a different range, the Splore Festival is also this weekend. Held on three days in the Tapakanga Regional Park (Auckland) the tickets are this time at 220$. It is known to be one of the best festivals throughout the country.

Website :

Playing in the streets : On Sunday, if you have some trouble to move in the CBD, don’t wonder why, because from Customs St. to Wyndham St., Queen St. will be closed to let the place to a huge gamefield where you will be able to play cricket, football, squash…

Link :

Have a nice weekend !

Cheers, Robin

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Picture of the Week

This week, the picture of the week has been sent to us by Sascha who has been on our Hospitality and Tourism Work Experience Program living and working at the Chateau Tongariro at Whakapapa Village as you can see in the picture.

Picture of the Week : Chateau Tongariro

Around the Chateau you have a lot of walking tracks, including the mythic Tongariro Alpine Crossing and some sets for the Lord of the Rings trilogy. In Winter you are at the closest point from the Whakapapa ski field which is said to be the best spot to ski on the North Island…”

18th INTERNeX New Zealand Pub Night

Hi everyone, this Thursday night is the time to get another Pub Night !

So like the last times let’s meet at 7:00PM at Rakino’s, we’ll then go to Cassette 9 and join the Pub Crawl.

You can get a “2 for 1” voucher at Cassette 9 by sending us a picture that you took and it could become the picture of the week !

Cheers, Robin.

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Cross the Tasman !

Hi everyone, even if some of you are back to work (including me) after some weeks of travelling, it can still be time to plan the next ones ! And one idea would be to take the plane and go overseas.

Air New Zealand is having special promotions for 48 hours on flights to Australia.

Three hours on the plane and you can be in Sydney or Melbourne, relaxing on Bondi beach or hiking in the outback.

As Australia is quite close from New Zealand, it is a good occasion to pay a visit to the land of the Kangaroos !

Here is the link to the deal :

Cheers, Robin

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