What to do on the weekend

Straytrip Cape Reigna

Would you like to explore some more of New Zealand but you do not have enough time? The Cape Reigna trips only takes 3 days so can fit perfectly into your weekend. On Friday morning the bus will departure from Auckland and will take you up to Paihia. On the way a stop will be made at Goat Island, where a free glassbottom boat trip is offered. In Paihia there are all sorts of activities possible, if you dare try the highest skydive of 19.500 FT with a freefall of over 1 minute! The next day the bus will take you all the way up to Cape Reigna, the most Northern point of New Zealand. On the way some stops will be made at 90 mile beach, at the dunes for some awesome dunesurfing and Fish and Chips.

This trip is called the Patch Pass and costs 210 NZD. However if you book it through INTERNeX you will receive a 10 dollar discount. This pass includes transportation and some free activities.

For more information have a look at the website:  http://straytravel.co.nz/


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