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Stray bus – East Bro

Fantastic, amazing, great, cool, gorgeous, EAST BRO!

East bro definitely belongs in this list of words, why? Because it is something magical. East bro is another trip you can make  on the North Island if you are in New Zealand. Stray is the only bus company who offers this trip, what makes it extra special. Not a lot of people have went to the east coast even not the Kiwi people, what makes it even more special. A big part of people who lives on the east coast is Maori. So if you are looking for the real cultural New Zealand sport, GO THERE! A good thing to know they only offer this trip in the summer, it starts on 3th of November and the last trip leaves on the 30th of April. They leave on Wednesday and Sundays from Rotorua. Luus and Lies went from the 25th of October till the 28th of October. They recommended you to stay at least four days, but you can always stay longer off course.

What I already mentioned it is a great place to go if you are looking for the Maori culture. All they owners of the hostels were we stayed were Maori people, so you can expected really friendly people and amazing food! The first stop we make was just outside Gisborne on a place just next to the beach. We had a great dinner there with some fresh crayfish and mussels. After the dinner we drunk some beers, make a fire, listen to some guitar music, in other words we were having a great time!

The plan was to go not that late to bed, because of the sunrise the next morning but because the atmosphere was so good we just had a short night. Especially when we wanted to go to bed an one of the guys offer us a sheep tail and yeah you don’t say no to that. It was a, extraordinary experience to eat a sheep tail.

The next morning was a little bit harder after a few hours sleep, but the beautiful sunrise makes us forgot our tiredness. What makes the sunrise in Gisborne so special, well it is the first sunrise in the world. While the sun was burning on our skin, we were going to feed the stingrays, what is a funny thing to do. The biggest one was 2.5m span, so imagine that is bigger than a person. The stingray were really sweet and they were eating the fish from your hand, what feels quite funny. After feeding the stingray, we went to the most natural rockslide I have ever seen. It is a 60meter rockslide in the middle of the river. So we  brought some wetsuits and tubes and there we go off the 60meter rockslide, a lots of fun!

On our way to the next hostel we made a stop at the pier, who was the longest pier in New Zealand. And off course you can’t leave before you jumped of the pier. In the evening we arrived at our new hostel, an old monastic. The food was really good there as well, chicken, sweet potatoes, etc and a delicious desert. The next morning we had to wake up early for a creative workshop. You could choose from flagging, bone carving or greenstone carving. We both choose the flagging, but it was a hard decision because all the workshops seems to be fun. You can see on the pictures the results. After the workshop it was time for something active and we climb up the hill to see the lighthouse and the great view around it. Time flies when you are having fun, so after the lighthouse we already need to go to the next hostel. One off the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. A fantastic house next to the beach. Were you can do a lot of fun activities, like shark diving, surfing, canoeing, swimming, snorkelling, boat cruises etc. that sounds good fun huh?! And the best part is they have a lot of cheap activities. You only pay $30 for a boat cruise including meal and $10 for rent a surfboard and a lot more good deals. For all the hostels you only pay $25 and believe me they are totally worth the money. So are you interested in this trip, come to the Internex office and we will book it for you with a discount off 5%!

For more information look at the website:!activities/c4uq

Or come to our office and we help you further!


Luus and Lies


Here comes another new Intern for INTERNeX!

Hi there!

I’m Nina, 21 years old and originally from the northern German city of Kiel. I have been living in Auckland since 2011 and really love the Kiwis and their country.  I’m looking into a career in the Tourism and Event Management Industry and therefore I’m  hoping to gain some experience here, prior to my studies at Uni that I want to start next year.
During my time here, I’ll give Chris a helping hand with some organisational stuff and whatever else needs to be done 😉 In my spare time I like to travel as much as I can, go to the beach, dance, paint and ride horses.

I hope you all are going to have the most amazing time of your life here in NZ! Wether you are an Intern in the city centre of Auckland, or you’re staying on a farm in the middle of nowhere… e.g somewhere near “Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu” (I’m not kidding, it exists ;)) every part of New Zealand is beautiful and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! 😉
I hope to see you sometime in the office, at a pub night, trip or party

What to do on sunday?

What to do on Sunday?

Sunday could be a day, that you lie all day in bed, watch some movies, eat a lot of chocolate, drink you hangover away with more beer, but noooooo that will be not this Sunday.

This Sunday we will go with a group of INTERNeX to Mission Bay, just 15 minutes with the buss from Auckland. That means it only cost $4 dollars to come there.  You have some beautiful beaches over there, some cool hiking trips and more and more and more.

It does depends on the wetter what we will do there, but you also have there a lot of restaurants, pubs and some inside activities, like sea life.

It will be fun if you join us!

If you would like to come, leave a message on the facebook or send a message to luus (+642108395428)  and we will keep you up to date

See you Sunday!

INTERNeX New Zealand: Arty Auckland

Hi there,

We all know that we have the Auckland museum and the most of you been perhaps to the free Art museum close to the Albert park.

But don’t you want more?



08 neighbourhoods
10 Days&Nights
60 Venues & Galleries
100 Events & Exhibitons

That’s what we called the ARTWEEK. From 11-20 October are the creative days in Auckland erupted. There are public galleries, commercial galleries, artist-run spaces and venues all over the city who opening their doors to show what kind of talent they’ve got. It’s a creative opportunity for you to explore what’s on offer. Join the art tours, talks and workshops.

fietsenThey also got some special events, you didn’t for example do your fitness workout for this week? Jump on a bike and do the ‘Wheelers and Dealers’. It’s a free and fun cycling tour to see as much as possible. Or join the ‘Walkabouts and Windows‘ and walk with professional guides through the Auckland art scene. Those Artweek tours offer an exclusive, behind the scenes view of the artworld.

Check their website for more creative fun and one thing… we don’t want to hear you say you are bored between 11 – 20 October, because there is enough to see, to do and to explore in ‘Arty Auckland’! 😉

Creative greetings,

Lies & Luus

INTERNeX New Zealand: The Five Best First Date Locations

Hi there!

The most of you are going alone to New Zealand. Reasons to meet new people, explore new places and… find new love! But where do you have to go for your first date? Which locations in Auckland are perfect to come together? We did research for you and you see below the top 5 best first date locations of Auckland!

1.    Mount Eden

CIMG7473 On a nice evening, watching the sunset on a
blanket with a bottle of wine, it’s all you need.
If it doesn’t work here, it won’t.
The view over Auckland on the volcano gives you
the romantici and  the focus to know someone.
Just you and your date makes the evening wonderful.

2   Silo Parksilo park

It’s also nice to meet at a place where you need to make a choice. It might break the ice, when you meet each other for the first time. You’ve got plenty of restaurants and bar choices in the Silo Park. Watch pretty boats and sit in the grass watch a nice movie who they project on the silo.  And if you’re a secret piano master, you’ll find a piano hidden away at Silo – totally open to the public and available for play.

 3.    Rangitoto

Water, a boat and the view orangitotof Rangitoto is a memory maker. Use your Saturday and go
to a place who is far enough away from all the people. Watch the beauty of nature and
surprise your date with a champagne picnic on the top with 360 degrees view over the
see and the skyline of  Auckland.

muriwai beach4. Muriwai Beach
You can also choose for another direction. Go out west and explore the power of Muriwai beach. Walk in the Waitakere ranges and be amazed together about the natural beauty of New Zealand.


5.     Dance together

Wednesday night is Salkingslandersa night at the Kingslander. So show yourself during your first  date. Own it and your lack of basic rhythm becomes ‘cute’. The class always kicks off  with the basics. This one ticks all the boxes for a first date – it shows of a little self-confidence and heaps on a romantic nuance and it’s the only first date where dancing body to body is compulsory.

Cheers and… ENJOY 🙂

Lies & Luus