INTERNeX New Zealand: The Five Best First Date Locations

Hi there!

The most of you are going alone to New Zealand. Reasons to meet new people, explore new places and… find new love! But where do you have to go for your first date? Which locations in Auckland are perfect to come together? We did research for you and you see below the top 5 best first date locations of Auckland!

1.    Mount Eden

CIMG7473 On a nice evening, watching the sunset on a
blanket with a bottle of wine, it’s all you need.
If it doesn’t work here, it won’t.
The view over Auckland on the volcano gives you
the romantici and  the focus to know someone.
Just you and your date makes the evening wonderful.

2   Silo Parksilo park

It’s also nice to meet at a place where you need to make a choice. It might break the ice, when you meet each other for the first time. You’ve got plenty of restaurants and bar choices in the Silo Park. Watch pretty boats and sit in the grass watch a nice movie who they project on the silo.  And if you’re a secret piano master, you’ll find a piano hidden away at Silo – totally open to the public and available for play.

 3.    Rangitoto

Water, a boat and the view orangitotof Rangitoto is a memory maker. Use your Saturday and go
to a place who is far enough away from all the people. Watch the beauty of nature and
surprise your date with a champagne picnic on the top with 360 degrees view over the
see and the skyline of  Auckland.

muriwai beach4. Muriwai Beach
You can also choose for another direction. Go out west and explore the power of Muriwai beach. Walk in the Waitakere ranges and be amazed together about the natural beauty of New Zealand.


5.     Dance together

Wednesday night is Salkingslandersa night at the Kingslander. So show yourself during your first  date. Own it and your lack of basic rhythm becomes ‘cute’. The class always kicks off  with the basics. This one ticks all the boxes for a first date – it shows of a little self-confidence and heaps on a romantic nuance and it’s the only first date where dancing body to body is compulsory.

Cheers and… ENJOY 🙂

Lies & Luus

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