INTERNeX New Zealand: Arty Auckland

Hi there,

We all know that we have the Auckland museum and the most of you been perhaps to the free Art museum close to the Albert park.

But don’t you want more?



08 neighbourhoods
10 Days&Nights
60 Venues & Galleries
100 Events & Exhibitons

That’s what we called the ARTWEEK. From 11-20 October are the creative days in Auckland erupted. There are public galleries, commercial galleries, artist-run spaces and venues all over the city who opening their doors to show what kind of talent they’ve got. It’s a creative opportunity for you to explore what’s on offer. Join the art tours, talks and workshops.

fietsenThey also got some special events, you didn’t for example do your fitness workout for this week? Jump on a bike and do the ‘Wheelers and Dealers’. It’s a free and fun cycling tour to see as much as possible. Or join the ‘Walkabouts and Windows‘ and walk with professional guides through the Auckland art scene. Those Artweek tours offer an exclusive, behind the scenes view of the artworld.

Check their website for more creative fun and one thing… we don’t want to hear you say you are bored between 11 – 20 October, because there is enough to see, to do and to explore in ‘Arty Auckland’! 😉

Creative greetings,

Lies & Luus

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