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Free live music = no more stress

This Wednesday an exciting music event will be held. ‘’95bFM the student radio station of Auckland presents The Dirtbag Hideout’’

This gig event  feature exciting music such as rock and roll, punk rock and blues music. This event must be going to get rid of your stress and should be a lot of fun!

This event will be held at 7:00pm at the Kingsarms Hotel on 26th Wednesday and it is free.

If you want to feel saturated with good music. Please take part in this event!!

59 France Street, not a far walk from the top of Queen Street

For more information look at the websiteblog1map

Hello! Sachio is my name

DSC00585My name is Sachio. Sometimes my friends call me just Sachi, because my name is just a little bit difficult for them to remember.

I was born in Japan in the city of Hyogo which is next to Osaka. I think Osaka is famous city in Japan so you may have heard of it. Hyogo is not as famous as Osaka but my city has a beautiful harbor and my city is famous for dessert.  Back in Japan I used to work at airline company for 3years in customer service.

I have been in Auckland for 8 months and now I am working at INTERNeX as an intern for 6 weeks helping with social media and office administration.

People I have met in New Zealand are very friendly and kind. On some occasions when I have been lost they always showed me the way very kindly, It was an impressive thing for me.

As for Auckland, I like the harbor and Mt Eden. Whenever I go to the harbor, I can feel relaxed and there are  many nice bars & restaurants there too. I like to go to Provedor on Wednesdays as there are many other students there too.

Mt Eden is dormant volcano and I can really recommend to get there because the view from the top of Mt Eden is amazing and fantastic. I recommend to go there with girlfriend or boyfriend 😉 I have only 6weeks left, but I want to experience as many things as possible and I hope I can meet you here at the office or around the city too.

Would be great to meet to meet you tomorrow night at the Pubnight at Cassette Nine! Check out the event for more information. auckland1