INTERNeX New Zealand: Stray Famil Trip!

Our interns just got back from an amazing week traveling the north island of New Zealand together with a bunch of travel agents from around the country and Australia! Thanks to Stray Travel, Anke & Jeroen had the amazing opportunity to see some of the North Island, it’s beautiful nature, culture and people.

The first day started off in Auckland, with the destination: Raglan, the surf capital of NZ! After some surfing it was time for fish & chips! The second day was all about the Maori culture, after visiting a Marae (Maori meeting house) there were some classes in weaving and ealing!

On day 3 and 4, the group went over to Blue Duck Station, which was pretty much in the middle of nowhere! Without a cellphone signal or WiFi, it was time for having a beer around the bonfire, riding a horse across the beautiful hills and some clay target shooting!

It really was an amazing time and an awesome experience! For everyone who would like to travel New Zealand (or even Asia nowadays!) Stray Travel comes highly recommended by INTERNeX!! They have some sweet as travel deals on their website at the moment so check it out! :


A big thanks to DC over at Stray to offer us this opportunity! And the rest of the Stray crew off course! Cheers!




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