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INTERNeX New Zealand: KIWI Experience Bay of Islands!

To give you all the best tips and information about traveling in New Zealand, our interns Anke & Jeroen hopped on the green KIWI Experience bus to the Bay of Islands & Cape Reinga last weekend!

Only a couple of hours away from Auckland, you find the beautiful Paihia in the Bay of Islands! The names gives it away already, it’s a bay, filled with islands! 144 to be precise! There are so many awesome activities to be done and places to be explored over there!

For example: Kayaking, parasailing, swimming with dolphins, relaxing on one of many beautiful beaches, taking a cruise or going to the far north for a day! There you can find cape Reinga with its famous lighthouse. And close to that, you can go sand-boarding on the sand-dunes, which is a great and unique experience! Even cruising back to Paihia by bus is awesome, because the bus driver gets a bit bored of the normal road, they will just use 90-mile beach! Which is actually 55 miles (or 90km) long..

Have a look at some snapshots we took during our adventure up in the Bay! And if you’re interest in booking a trip, let us know at and we will help you book it! 🙂

A big thanks to CK and the KIWI Experience crew for having us!