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INTERNeX New Zealand: Our Experience of New Zealand

Me (Yoran), Joyce and Esmerlin have been here for about 6 months now, and believe it or not, we have less than 6 weeks left in this BEAUTIFUL country 😥 I am using this blog to show you guys the three most amazing experience of this country!

It all started with us leaving our home-country, the Netherlands! We had a 30 hour flight ahead of us, which was killing. But we were extremely happy to finally arrive in the country we would spend the next 7 months or our lives!

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One of the first things we did, and in my opinion one of the most amazing things we have done was the skydive up in Paihia, Bay of Islands. We went there together with Stray and some of our INTERNeX participants and had a great weekend!

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Both me and Joyce had the chance to travel through the South Island of New Zealand. To anyone who is doubting or who is not doing it at all: CHANGE YOUR MIND AND DO IT! It is insanely beautiful. You can do and see so much fun stuff there! For instance go and do the first commercial bungy in the world by AJ Hackett (this is what Joyce did), go on a dolphin and whale safari, or visit the amazing Milford Sound!

Schermafbeelding 2015-07-21 om 16.33.49 Schermafbeelding 2015-07-21 om 16.33.07 Schermafbeelding 2015-07-21 om 16.29.37

Esmerlin went with Kiwi Experience through the North Island and had an amazing time as well! Hot Water Beach, Sailing Trip, White water rafting, Bush walks and much much MUCH more great things!

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I think that the three of us agree if I say that auckland in general was the best thing that has happened to us! First of all, the city is just great. Beautiful buildings, great nightlife, easy to get anywhere, it basically has anything that a person needs. Not to mention the amazing people that we met here! I can truly say that we have made new friends for life! If any of us had the choice of doing it again, i don’t think anyone of us three would doubt, and would say ‘YES’ immediately!

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Cheers to all our experiences, cheers to Auckland, cheers to New Zealand, cheers to INTERNeX, cheers to all of you guys, and cheers to life 😀


INTERNeX New Zealand: Event in Auckland July 2015

Hello Guys and Girls!

Everyone here in New Zealand is getting cold as ice, which means that we need to plan some fun activities to get ourselves motivated and prevent ourselves from getting depressed! 😥 Therefore I have made a small list of things to do in Auckland in July 🙂

World Press Photo Exhibition

A lot of you guys probably heard of this exhibition before! It is in the news almost every year because of the impressive pictures, and this year the exhibition comes to Auckland!

For more information about this amazing Exhibition, take a look here!


Disney on Ice – Dare to Dream

Okay, now be completely honest. Who didn’t get even a little excited when you saw this?! DISNEY ON ICE. I don’t think it gets any better. This amazing show will be performing in Auckland from Friday the 24th of July until the 26th in the Vector Arena.

For ticketing and the correct dates and times, take a look here!


Scrapbooking & Crafting Expo

Yaaay it’s time to get creativeee!! This weekend the Scapbooking & Crafting Expo will be on! They have classes, seminars and workshops that you can book yourself into free demos, competitions, displays, ideas etc. So basically this will be a whole weekend full of creativity!

Wanna get creative? Take a look here!


NZIFF New Zealand International Film Festival

The NZIFF is an annually returning festival in the winter. They bring all different kinds of movies from all over the world to Auckland to show to you! You can watch the movies on 6 different locations and is definitely worth a visit if you are a big fan of movies!

Want to watch a nice movie? Take a look here for more information!


Aotea Square Ice Rank

Are there any ice skating lovers on here? Because now is your chance to enjoy some ice skating right in the city centre of Auckland. The Ice Rink is open from 10am in school holidays and 12pm on any other day until 10pm for 7 days a week! At night the lighting gives you a warm feeling as if you are in winter wonderland!

Get Frozen, Let it go, and build a snowman! For more information look here!