Hey hey,

We organised a surf trip last weekend and one of our participants wrote a cool blog about it. Check it out!

Hi there,

One of the things on my To-Do-List for New Zealand was definitely learning surfing. And since I’m not the only one with that wish, INTERNeX organized a Surftrip for us to Piha Beach last Saturday.

At 9.30 in the morning we were 8 people waiting to be picked up from Felipe, our Surfteacher, at the hostel. Our first stop was the Arataki Visitor Centre, where we had a great view over Waitakere Ranges, the ocean and could even see the Skytower and Rangitoto behind it. Then we drove on to our next stop: The Kitekite Falls. Only a half hour walk from the parking lot, this waterfall is a great place to go and see, even if you’re not a big fan of hiking. But since we were all looking forward to our final destination (the surfboards at the beach), we didn’t stay that long over there, took the direct way back to the car and arrived at Piha Beach around Lunchtime. After a half an hour break we could finally jump into the wetsuits and dive into the waves, which was a great feeling since I had come from hot summer in Europe to rainy Winter in New Zealand. And, as Mark promised (“What happens, if it’s raining?” “It’s not gonna rain”), the sun came out in that very moment. Felipe gave us a short instruction about the riptides at Piha and what we should do, if we get into IMG-20151007-WA0004one of those. After that, we learned how to jump on the board and stand on it, what everybody was able to do right away … in the sand of course. With the riptides and the technique in mind, we grabbed our boards and started the first real tries in the water. Luckily there were Felipe and Adam to help us catch our first waves, because otherwise, I would probably still stand there and wonder, which wave would be good to take. The feeling when you first ride a wave (just a very small one) is incredible! This feeling made us all trying over and over again, even if we fell off more than we stood on the board and swallowed half the ocean, when we got one wave after another in the face (which is according to Adam the funniest part of being a surf teacher). And we got better and better!

When the two hours were over, it was hard for Felipe to get us out of the water. Some of us had about three “one last wave”s. In the end we were all very tired but happy, so that half of the bus was sleeping on our way back into the city.

I really enjoyed the day and will definitely join again on the next trip! Even if I ate my Cornflakes like a robot the next morning, because the muscles in my arms, shoulders and chest were hurting…



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