INTERNeX New Zealand: Mudd Rush

Hii Guys!
It’s my turn again to write a blog for you! I have a really nice subject for this week. You may have seen it on our Facebook already but our PR INTERNeX team visited the Mudd Rush last week. It was so funny and we have some amazing pictures for you.
The Mudd Rush consisted of 24 obstacles and had a distance of 8 kilometers. The Mudd Rush obstacle course was5 pretty hard because they had a lot of challenging obstacles that tested my courage and of course there were also a lot of obstacles that just got me dirty. I was so glad this Mudd Rush was based on having fun with your team instead of doing burpies or push ups haha. It was still pretty hard and my muscles felt so sore the next day (actually for the whole week…) .

Our team was based on the PR INTERNeX team together with 2 other girls who are doing an internship with our INTERNeX programm. We called ourselves the INTERNeX Warriors! Because of the fact that I had to arrange the team for the Mudd Rush I made myself the Captian of the team but at the end all the girls were very glad that Mark came with us to lift us over the obstacles. Thanks Mark!

If you are reading this blog and feel bad because you were not there. Don’t worry!!! A lot of obstacle runs are coming in the next months. I searched them all up for you:
– 31 October in Queenstown. The Mule! The Mule events are terrain based obstacles combining mud, rivers, mixed terrain and hardcore obstacles to create the toughest of challenges for your team.
– 8 November in  Wainuiomata. Brookfield Butt Busta! The Brookfield Butt Busta is an off-beat event that is meant to take you into an area of exercise that is different, and takes you out of your comfort zone into a world you enjoyed as a kid.
– 22 November in Christchurch. Stadium Challenge! Stadium Challenge is the ultimate stair run and a unique running event. It gives you the chance to do something you can’t do any other day of the year.

– 9 April in Nelson. Wairua Warrior! The Wairua Warrior is an obstacle race to challenge your strength, endurance & mental attitude.
– 14 May in Auckland. Run for your freak’n Life! Run for your Freak’n Life is an intense 5 Kilometer obstacle race. You’re not only running against the clock and each other but you’re also running from brain-hungry, virus-spreading, Freak’n Zombies.

MUDDRUSH_2015_002808Sound good right? Let us know if you want to join an obstacle run and in this way we keep the team INTERNeX Warrior going!!

xoxo Joyce


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