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INTERNeX New Zealand: Wanaka & Queenstown

Hey guys,

As Joyce told in the last blog, I also went traveling over the holidays. I went to the South Island and had a really great time there. One of my favourite places was Queenstown and Wanaka. The scenery is just so beautiful there, that I could literally sit down and stay there for a few hours to just look around.

In Wanaka I did the Roy’s Peak track. This is a walking track of about 16 km, and takes about 6 hours (return) and you go all the way up to Mount Roy. Mount Roy is 1578 metres high. The beginning of the track was really hard for me. It started going uphill from moment one and that was pretty tough. After about 1,5 hour it was a little less uphill and got way easier for me. The track crosses private land, so when you do the track you have to respect the owner’s property. After 2 hours and 55 minutes I had finally reached the top. It felt like it was -5 degrees up there and I was freezing, haha! Even though I struggled a lot in the beginning of the track, I am so glad that I kept going and didn’t give up because the view up there is just BREATH-TAKING! I can show it on the pictures I took, but you have to see it with your own eyes.


After Wanaka I drove to Queenstown to stay there for 2 nights. I also really loved Queenstown because the city is located by a lake and the scenery here is also really beautiful, but quite different from Wanaka. The first day in Queenstown I took the Gondola all the way up to Bobs Peak to get a pretty view of the city. Up there I also went on the Luge ride. This was very funny, and I just couldn’t stop laughing. Up on Bobs peak you can also do a bungy jump. Unfortunately I didn’t have time for that, but it is a beautiful place to do your bungy! (email us if you want to, and we will arrange it for you!). In Queenstown I also went on a jet boat on the lake. It was so cool to be on the lake and see even more amazing surroundings.


Two places I would definitely recommend on going when you’re in New Zealand! If you want to go, but don’t know how to book or plan your trip, email us and we will help you with it!


INTERNeX New Zealand: Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Hii guysssss,

First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR, hope you had a good one !!!!!! I’ve been traveling during the holidays and I saw amazing things here in New Zealand. The hardest and at the same time the most amazing thing I have done was the Tongariro Alpine Crossing.

tonga 1

The Tongariro Alpine Crossing in Tongariro National Park is a tramping track in New Zealand, and is among the most popular day hikes in the country. I heard from so many people that I have to do it during my stay here in New Zealand. The track begins at the western end near the Mangatepopo Hut with a low gradient until the foot of the steep Tongariro saddle. The climb is very hard and takes a few rests but after the climb to the saddle, the path takes descents and ascents into and back out of two different craters, passing the Emerald Lakes and along the edge of the Blue Lake which is beautiful to see. The last two hours of the walk involve a long descent down the northern flank of the volcano, passing the Ketetahi Hot Springs.

tonga 2

The Tongariro Alpine Crossing Track spans the length of Mount Tongariro, covering 19.4 kilometres and on average the track takes between seven to nine hours to complete but the fact that I always have this competitive feeling it took me 6 hours and 10 minutes. This was by far the best day hike I have ever done because of the big variety of landscapes. I can totally imagine why Peter Jackson took this place as a filmset for the Lord of the Rings. It was amazing! I was also very lucky because the weather was so good that day. I heard from different backpackers that you need good weather for this hike otherwise the view on the top is not clear at all. The strange thing about this hike is that you have to deal with different temperatures. At the foot of the mountain you may have 20 degrees but on the top you have to deal with only 1 or 2 degrees. There was still snow at the top of the mountain which was so weird to see.  As you can read I had an amazing day and I will definitely recommend this to all of you!!

tonga 3
tonga 4


xoxo Joyce