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Best Travel Discounts Ever!

A very good day to all of you!

Since the summer season is officially over and most backpackers have found their way back home again, we’re still here in beautiful New Zealand enjoying the lovely weather, and it will get even better: Stray Travel has absolutely great end of summer deals for April so if you still want to travel and get the best out of your remaining time here in NZ, don’t hesitate to contact us and we can hook you up with some lovely discounts. All tours on the Northern Island now come with a free trip to the Bay of Islands! Last weekend I was road tripping with some friends and it is amazing up there, so that’s definitely worth a shot! I will give you guys an update on my weekend trip later this week.

For now I’ll show you the discounts and hope that many of you get inspired to do some more travelling! If you are interested in any of the travels on sale, or if you have any questions regarding travelling in New Zealand, please send an email to including all travel details and we will book everything for you! Hope to hear from you soon guys!

stray discounts.png



I’m Eef, the new INTERNeX Intern!

Hi there!

I am very pleased to introduce myself as the new intern from INTERNeX New Zealand! My name is Eef de Wit, I am 21 years old and originally I come from a small town in the East of The Netherlands, called Gendt. For the past four years I’ve lived in Breda, where I study International Event Management. With this study we get the opportunity to do an international placement and of course I took that chance. When I saw this placement spot I fell in love with the idea of working for this patricular company in this beautiful country right away. I was so thrilled when I heard that I could actually go there, and now I am here, it is even better! I’ve only been here for two weeks now, but I love it already and I am enjoying every moment so far.

I can tell you everything about myself in this introduction, however I rather meet you guys around here, I love meeting new people and going on adventure. So please do not hesitate to contact me if you want to have some fun together! I will definetely do my best to keep you guys posted on nice events in and around Auckland, travel tips, cool things I experience here or just a fun-fact. Hopefully I will meet you all soon!

Cheers, Peace 🙂