Kiwi Experience trip Rotorua to Taupo

20161010_103239We had to move on again. This day we are going in the direction of Taupo. We had to jump on the bus at 9.30am. In the morning you were able to do an activity. For example going to see the geysers and Kiwi birds in te puia and go zorbing at OGO. All the people who didn’t want to do an activity in the morning were going to Redwood forest for a short walk. There were enormous red trees and it was a beautiful short walk through the forest.

After we picked up the rest of the group at the activities we were going to Taupo. This day you had the opportunity to do a skydive. You can do a 15000ft or a 12000ft skydive in Taupo. A lot of people on the bus wanted to do that. When you are doing the skydive in Taupo, you have an amazing view over Lake Taupo and you will see Tongarario National Park with Mount Doom! The weather was really good and everyone loved it!
20161010_182158While some people were doing the skydive we had some spare time to just have a look around and enjoy. At 5pm I had to be in the harbour to jump on a sailboat, The Barbary. We were going with 20 people from the Kiwi bus on the boat and we had a really good time. The captains most important rule was having fun. We had a lot of fun, eating pizza, steering the boat, watching old carvings of Maori and see Mount Doom at the other side of the lake. It was definitely worth it!20161010_172417

Because this is our first place where we have 2 overnight stops, we could have fun in the evening and play some games in the bar and have fun with the people you have met during the trip!


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