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A roadtrip to the most northern part of New Zealand!

When you have a couple of days off and you would like to go on a short trip where you can do some great activities and enjoy the beautiful nature we have here in New Zealand than we have a great idea for you guys. Just go all the way up to the most north part of New Zealand!

You can rent a car or book a Bay of Islands trip with Kiwi Experience. We chose to rent a car and on the first day we drove all the way up to Cape Reinga. During our first day we had some stops to enjoy the amazing views, for example one of our stops was at 90 Miles Beach.

90 Miles Beach is the beach on the West Coast of the most north part of New Zealand, it is a very touristic spot because of the fact that the dunes are looking much like a desert landscape and you have an endless view over the West Coast.


Beside the view, 90 Miles beach is the perfect spot for sandboarding! Sandboarding is something that you can only do over here in New Zealand because of the high dunes. When you drive to 90 Mile Beach you will see many places where you can rent body boards and they will tell you where the closest place to Sandboard is.

Walk to one of the highest dunes, prepare yourself for a crazy experience and go! I promise you, after you do it you will definitely want to do it again because it is so fun and when you are at the top of the dunes you have an amazing view of the terrific landscape.


After a long day we finally arrived at Cape Reinga. Cape Reinga is generally considered the separation marker between the Tasman Sea to the west and the Pacific Ocean to the east. From the lighthouse it is possible to watch the tidal race, as the two seas clash to create unsettled waters just off the coast. At the moment we were there, the sea was not rough at all, so it was really difficult to see the point where the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean are coming together. We walked up to one of the hills they have over there to watch the beautiful sunset.


That night we drove to Paihia, known as the Bay of Islands. We slept in Base hostel and woke up the next day really early to enjoy the last day of our trip! We booked a hole in the rock dolphin tour. Which includes a free ferry ticket to Russel, that’s a little city across Paihia, the cruise would pick us up over there so we went for a walk and a lunch to prepare ourselves for the three-hour cruise. During the cruise the skipper told us a lot of things about the different Islands, halfway the cruise we visited the Hole in the Rock, saw some seals and took a lot of pictures.


But the best part of this day was the fact that we saw a lot of dolphins! It’s even possible to swim with them if you would like to pay for this experience! Unfortunately, it wasn’t allowed that day because there were baby dolphins and when there are baby dolphins you are not allowed to jump into the big ocean to swim with them. But I’m sure I will come back another day, because you will never get bored of New Zealand and all the amazing activities you can do over here.

I hope you guys will all take your chance to visit as many places as you can here in New Zealand, even when you only have a couple of days off it’s still possible to go out and enjoy the landscape and crazy activities. When you have a question about this trip, about other travel advice or something completely different. Don’t hesitate to send me an email to and I will help you guys with all your questions!



East Coaster Stray

Hi guys,

I hope you are all enjoying your time in New Zealand and excited about the summer that is on its way. 14859417_991795610955032_889228321_o

On Saturday morning I started my adventure with Stray on the East Coaster, which of course goes to the East Coast of New Zealand. I first made my way to Rotorua to start my adventure and our first stop was at Canopy Tours . This is a must do activity in New Zealand and is highly recommended! After the canopy adventure we went for dinner at the Lava Bar in Rotorua and as it was Halloween we all got dressed up together and had a great night!

At 9 o’clock in the morning the adventure continued and we made out way to Te Kaha, stopping along the way to check out the beautiful sights and scenery. There are so many beautiful places in New Zealand and I can tell you the views on the East Coast are literally amazing. After enjoying all of the little view spots we arrived at Te Kaha where we got to experience a jet boat adventure. It was so cool!

14881528_991795617621698_811737224_o  14895436_991795607621699_882233523_o

At 3pm we arrived at our homestay accommodation in Te Kaha and met an incredible and lovely guy named Chay. The accommodation was at his beautiful house. Everybody was welcome and introduced to his family, the home was amazing. We could see the ocean views from the property and there was access to some really beautiful beaches. We all dropped our bags and headed to the beach to enjoy the view, sun and a couple of drinks together.

At Te Kaha there is so much to do, you can choose to hike, kayak, fish or just enjoy swimming at the beach! That night we got to relax in the hot tub stray-famil-1and then shared an amazing seafood buffet. Everything on the table was freshly made and the fish was caught by them – soo delicious! Just when we thought the evening couldn’t get any better we had a sing along with Chay. It’s namely a tradition that Chay sings for everybody that visits his home and out of respect we all sang a song for him as well.


At the end of the night we were so tired, we jumped into our beds dreaming about what kind of incredible adventure the next day would be.

The following morning we hopped on the bus again and drove to an incredible beach at Te Araroa where we stopped for a short break, before making our way to the most Eastern Lighthouse of New Zealand, which is also the most Eastern Lighthouse of the world. After taking the 800 steps up to the top of the Lighthouse, taking in the amazing view, we then walked all the way back down and drove to the only church in New Zealand that incorporates Maori Design. It was so beautifull! After this stop we drove to the longest wharf of New Zealand, namely Tologa Bay Wharf, which is 600m long.

Stray famil 4.png


After all of these amazing stops it was time to make our way to our accommodation at Dive Tatapouri.stray-famil-3 A homestay that was again incredible to experience. It was right by the ocean and we got to celebrate another Halloween night with a bonfire. A big plus to this evening was getting to see the tiniest penguin in the world, the little bleu penguin. So cute!

The next day we all got up really early at 5am to see the first sunrise for the day in the world, which can be seen from Dive Tatapouri –  it was an amazing sunrise!

Seeing the sunrise was the start of a great day as we then went on to feed stingrays in the ocean. We got changed into these amazing wetsuits and each had a bamboo stick to help us follow our guide through the water. The stingrays started swimming towards us which was quite scary at first, but after a few minutes we realized they were really friendly and just wanted our attention like little puppies.

We got to pat them and feed them some fish by holding out our hand underwater and the stingrays sucked the food off our hand, it was such an incredible experience!

After feeding the stingrays, the trip had unfortunately came to an end and it was time to pack up and head back to Rotorua, however as I was having such a great time we decided to hop off in Whakatane to stay there for a few more days so we could visit White Island. That is the great thing about traveling with Stray, they are so flexible so you can hop on and hop off where ever we want for as long as you want and White Island was definitely somewhere we wanted to spend more time at!

White Island is the only active marine Volcano where you can see roaring stream vents, bubbling pits of mud, hot volcancic streams and the amazing lake of steaming acid. Amazing right!!???

My time with Stray is something that I will remember forever and I hope you will take the time to explore this beautiful part of New Zealand.

This is  3 – 7 days tour with departures on Tuesday and Saturday mornings and for any of our INTERNeX’ers living in the Waikato or Central North Island remember this tour starts really close to you in Rotorua and only takes a minimum of 3 days, so you definitely don’t have to miss out on this travel opportunity!

Please let me know if you have any questions and if you would like to book this same trip just let me know by emailing

I hope to hear from you soon!