New intern

Hi Everyone! My name is Michelle van den Bos and I am the new intern at INTERNeX. I am born and raised in Dordrecht which is located near Rotterdam in the Netherlands. I am 23 years old and I study International Leisure Management.

2017-01-17-16-28-26As the name of my degree already says it is very international, before I came here to do my internship I was in the USA for an exchange program. Besides that I have already worked on a summer camp in the USA, on a camping in France, and as an Au-Pair in London.
As you may imagine I love to live and work abroad, and it may not surprise you that one of my main hobbies is to travel and experience new cultures/places.

In addition to travelling I also like to do sports, before I started my Leisure Management degree I studied sports. My favourite sports are: korfball (which no one will know), skiing, snowboarding and scuba diving.

I’m looking forward to start my internship and help you all with, hopefully, the best experience of your life! I hope I will be able to answer all of your questions and I’m looking forward to meet everyone.

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