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INTERNeX New Zealand: New Intern

Hi everybody,

My name is Lisanne Stevens, I am 19 years old and I grew up in a very small town in the Netherlands called Hank. As this town is so small, I wanted to spread my wings and see more of the world. To do this, school give me the perfect opportunity. This because of the fact that I am studying International Leisure Management. A study in which you need, as the name already says, international experiences. And what is better than an international experience in a big city on the other side of the world?? Therefore, I grabbed my chance to be an intern at INTERNeX New Zealand and I got the spot. So, here I am as the “new intern”.IMG_4143 (2)

I am really excited about this internship, as I am a member of a team that helps you to travel to New Zealand, see this beautiful country and enjoy their stay. Furthermore, during my internship I hope to learn as much as possible and I am also really excited about meeting all of you guys! And I can promise you already that I will do everything that is within my power to make sure that you have a travelling experience which you will never forget!

Next to my internship, I also want to see as much as I can from the beautiful Auckland and New Zealand as well as getting to know the New Zealand way of living. And the best way of exploring Auckland and New Zealand for me is doing this with you and my camera. I love to make pictures and spend time with friends. Another thing I also really like, is diving. I am a diver and therefore, I would also like to explore the underwater world of New Zealand. But the most important part of my experience is creating great memories!

However, I can tell you even more about myself but I also want to get to know you! So, I hope to see you all as soon as possible!

INTERNeX New Zealand: Introducing… Jeroen and Anke

Hi guys and girls,

We hope you are enjoying your stay in New Zealand, we sure are! We have arrived almost (not even) one week ago, and we thought it would be time to introduce ourselves.

We are the new interns of INTERNeX International Exchange in New Zealand.. But who are we really??


My name is Anke, and I am 22 years old. For 7/8 months I will be living and working in Auckland, this is all part of my education. I am studying International Leisure Management at the NHTV in Breda, which is in the south of Holland.

For the upcoming months I will make sure that you all have an even better time in New Zealand by keeping you up to date with the upcoming events and activities! I will even look for the best deals and discounts. I will put all these events, activities and deals on the facebook page of INTERNeX, everyone can join! What better way to spend your free time than meeting new people during great activities?? Exactly, there is no better way!

Okay.. Something about me. In the Netherlands I live in a very, very, very small village called Merselo. In this very, very, very small village I enjoy a sport called Korfbal (it is not really an international sport..), it is kind of something similar to basketball. In my free time I love going out with my friends, travelling, festivals and I am a bit of a movie and series addict….

So that’s me! Hope to meet all of you soon, and make some great memories!


anke profile pic



Kia ora! My name is Jeroen, quite a difficult Dutch name, you can pronounce it as the English equivalent Jerome! I am 21 years old and from the same study as Anke. I will also be in New Zealand for the upcoming 7/8 months!

Together with the INTERNeX team I will keep you up to date about all the cool stuff in and around Auckland and the rest of New Zealand and we will make your arrival and stay here as easy and comfortable as possible, without the loss of the adventurous feeling!

About myself: I love travel, nature, camping, photography and movies! So I guess you can say I came to the right place!

Jeroen profile pic

Looking forward meeting you all, cheers!


Farmstay movie

Hi there,

You might have seen it passing on facebook, the farm trip Lucinda and I did a few weeks ago. Well we are proudly like to present you the results. We made a couple of movies from the farms and a lot of pictures to improve the farm stay profiles. We also made a general movie about the farm stay program. In this blog you will find the link to the youtube link.

We visit 17 of our 80 farms, were INTERNeX works together with. A lot of these farms are based in the area Waikato. It took us a week to visit all these farms and hold interviews and made pictures. For almost every farm there is now a video of the farm to give the participant a better introduction about the farm. As I just told we also made a general movie which you can watch if you click on this link:

We hope you al enjoy the movie!


Luus and Lies

Useful Websites

When you just arrive, or actually every day during your stay in New Zealand, you always receive new information, meet new people, explore new places etc.. Sometimes it is hard to process al that new information. Halve of the information you forgot, halve of the people you never see again, but our generation got a benefit we got the INTERNET. The 50% of information you forgot, can just be found back on the internet. The people you will maybe never see again, can visit you in the virtual world. In this blog we will tell you about some useful websites about work, discounts, accommodation etc.. for during your stay in New Zealand.

To start with some websites, were you can find a lot of discounts.   

There both websites, were you will find a lot of discounts for in New  Zealand. There are discounts in different categories like, dinner, activities, health holiday, beauty etc. You will need a credit card to pay online, after you paid you receive a e-ticket on your email.

Are you looking for work, these sites will help you by find one.    

These websites are the most common ones, if you are looking for a job. They offer a lot of jobs, especially in the summer. The most jobs are from 4 months, but you can always have a look of you want to work shorter. For some of the jobs you need some experience, you will find this in the job application when needed.

Are you done with living in a hostel, is it time for your own place. Have a look on these websites.        

It is not that hard to find a place to live in Auckland. The only thing is, it’s quiet expensive to live in Auckland, especially in the CBD (central business district). There are a lot of apartments, who let you live with two people in one room to share the costs. So if you got a friend/boyfriend/girlfriend  who you don’t mind to share your room with, it will save you a lot of money. It is free to react on a accommodation, so you don’t need a membership the only thing you need is an account.

Don’t you know what to do today, have a look on these websites about what’s going on in Auckland/New Zealand. Events

Tips and ideas for in the Christmas Holiday

Hi there,

This will probably for the most of us the first Christmas with good weather and without snow, hot chocolate, Christmas songs, snowman’s, chocolate fondue (okay we can do this anyway:), but it definitely will be different. You probably also will celebrate your Christmas without your family, but don’t be sad there are also a lot benefits of being here and celebrate your Christmas in New Zealand. Do you see yourself already lie on the beach, with your Christmas head and watching to some passing dolphins. Maybe it is even to warm to put your Christmas head, don’t worry they also sell reindeer ears. In this blog we will give you some tips and ideas about what you can do in your holiday in this sunny New Zealand.


– Do you want to see some dolphins, than it is a great idea to go to the Bay of Islands.There are also some beautiful beaches where you can get a good ten (of the weather is good off course). Stray and Kiwi experience are both driving up North. On their way they make both a few stops, but they are different. You can have a look on their websites for the stops. There is also a way to go as a day trip to the Bay of Island with the Naked bus or Intercity.

-Do you want to do something sportive, before you going to eat a lot of food at Christmas. It is a little bit a longer drive down south, but it is definitely worth to go there. National Park, a beautiful place to walk. They have the best day-hiking-trip of the world, called the Tongariro crossing. It takes about 7 hours to do the walk, but it seems to be great! A totally different landscape with beautiful lakes.

-Have you already been to Coromandel, No?! Great than this is your chance to go! Ever heard of the Cathedral Cove or Hot water Beach? That’s what you will see in Coromandel. Beautiful beaches, with just a few people, kayak tours, hot water beach, Cathedral cove, hiking tours, little villages, forests, diving etc.. One tip, bring your mosquito spray, because there are a lot of them in Coromandel.

-What about some more adventures activities in  Taupo and Rotorua. There are different extreme activities in Taupo and Rotorua, like rafting from a seven meter waterfall, abseiling in the Waitomo caves, tubing in the Caves etc.. But there is also a big culture part in Rotorua. Go to a marae and watch a Moari show and join the warrior dances and eat your food made on the Moari way, the Hangi.

Day trips

-It is almost impossible to spot a Kiwi bird in the wild, but there are different ways to see a Kiwi bird. Maybe less fun, but you can say you’ve see a Kiwi bird. But where, well off course in the Auckland Zoo, they have a few Kiwi birds. But beside these Kiwi birds, there are a lot of other animals who are fun to visit. In generally is the Auckland Zoo a fun place to spend one day of your holiday and a good thing it is not that expensive.

-Do you still have to buy your Christmas presents, don’t worry there is one place where they have everything and succeed is guaranteed. It is a huge shopping mall called Sylvia park, it is just outside the CBD. Only 20 minutes with the bus or train. Off course also great for just shopping 😉 Ask at the Britomart what is the best and cheapest way to travel to Sylvia park.

-You don’t have to travel far to go to the beach. There is a great beach, just outside the CBD, called Mission Bay. Really fun to go there on a sunny day. It is cheap to go there, only 2 dollars with the bus. You can also walk it, what is around 1 hour.

Have you already done all of this or do you want to do something else, you can always ask us for more ideas, no worries!


Lies and Luus

INTERNeX New Zealand: Lies and Luus introduce

Hi Guys,

You already enjoying you’re time in New Zealand? I hope you do, my name is Liesbeth Kleinrouweler. You can call me Lies, that will be easier. I am 19 years old and I am from Holland. Where from Holland, I live in the south called Breda, maybe some of you know it from the carnaval. Otherwise if you don’t know, you probably know Amsterdam, I live like an hour with the train from Amsterdam.

I am going to my third year of the study Leisure Management. For the people who don’t know what it is, it is a little bit similar to the study Event management. I am here in New Zealand for doing my internship for seven months and helping you guys with having a great time. Me and Lucinda will organise some cool events for you, like pub crawls and weekends away. To getting know each other better and to having a great time in New Zealand. We also will try to arrange some discounts for you in bars or restaurants, so you will save some money for other things and also keeping the social media updated.

Some little things about me, I love to play soccer, go out with friends, explore new cities, travelling, meeting new cultures, visiting festivals, listening to music. I really look forward to meeting you all and having a great time together in New Zealand.




Left: Lucinda (Luus) Right: Liesbeth (Lies)


Hi there!

Wondering who write all blogs and social media posts? Well, I’m one of the lucky ones who is going to do that for the coming 7 months! Today I started my internship at INTERNeX International Exchange New Zealand, very exciting! Together with Liesbeth we will keep you informed of different newsflashes, pub nights and other events.

Well, let’s introduce myself, I’m Lucinda and 19 years old. For the coming 7 months I’ll live in Auckland, but normally I live in Breda, the south of the Netherlands. I study Leisure Management, that contains organize events and actually everything what you are doing in you free time. Because, you have to work hard here in New Zealand, you also need to fur fill your free time with nice people, isn’t?! We go to arrange that for you! Organizing pub nights and weekends away, so you can meet the other interns, is part of my job here.

A bit about me… I love to travel, play theatre, visit festivals, meet friends and discover all small places what this interesting world has to offer!

I hope we’ll meet soon for a drink! See you!



Goobye New Zealand

Hey everyone…I wanna say thank you and goodbye for a really great time in New Zealand and at INTERNeX.


I had the possibility to learn a lot about working in another country under new circumstances and also found a lot of new friends due to my workplace. I loved the possibilty to implemet my own ideas and help to set up a new business. I am also really proud to develop and establish our Traveldesk and the Pubnight and I am sure Robin, our new intern will go on with it really good.

I wish you all a great time like me in New Zealand, enjoy your stay and don’t forget to travel! This is the best way to get familiar with this country. I know what I am talking about…;-)


My time in New Zealand wouldn’t be the same, if I hadn’t worked at INTERNeX.


So thanks to everyone making my stay here to an unforgettable experience. INTERNeX will keep on to do the same for you.


Goodbye, Caroline

Easter Surf Trip – Reminder!

Hi All,

We just wanted to remind you about the awesome Surf- Trip on the Easter weekend!

It is the last chance this year for you to get such a cheap as opportunity to go to Raglan with the Mojo-Crew and enjoy a whole weekend full of surfing, fun and entertainment.

Here is just a short summary of the Special Easter Trip:

When is it?

Friday, 22.4.11 – Monday, 25.4.11

What is included?

Meals, Accommodation, Surf-lessons, Surfboard Hire (includes the gear), Transportation, Free Entry to a concert in Raglan on Saturday night!

How much you need to pay?

We give you one day for free plus another 20% on the regular price which makes it the incredibly cheap amount of 319(!!!) bucks for the whole weekend.

For more information feel free to contact us vial email or check out the previous blog post on

We hope you will decide to take this amazing opportunity to go surfing with the funny MOJO-Crew and we hope to see you tomorrow night downtown!


Caroline & Paul


Charity Event for Christchurch victims!

Hey All!

No plans for this week so far and want to to something helpful? How about helping the Christchurch earthquake victims while having fun?
On Thursday, 14th April there will be a great concert with some great regional Kiwi musicians. Amongst others LUKE HURLEY, MURRAY HADOW, CAITLIN SMITH and many more will play there. Check out there Facebook Profile or write an email to the INTERNeX PR-Team for more information. The nice thing about this event is that your entrance and everything you spend this evening goes to the Christchurch Earthquake appeal fund.

And attentaion ladies! You will get a fashion presention of Jenny Lyn Walker.The Concert starts at 7:30 p.m. and you can buy the tickets at the entrance for 10 bucks. They will also provide you with  some cheap drinks and snacks the whole night.
The event takes place at 24 St Benedicts Street in Newton/Auckland, which is close to the city centre. Check out the following to see how to get there.,+Auckland+1010&gl=nz&ei=I4qjTbCuKZCqrAew9JjrAg&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=image&resnum=1&sqi=2&ved=0CBoQ8gEwAA

Lets do it, lets enjoy this wonderful music event while doing something really meaningful. Lets go and enjoy the Christchurch Earthquake Fundraising Gig.

Caroline & Paul


PuB-NiGHT 2.0 – Review and weekend events

The second Pubnight started quietly but that didn’t last too long – We started the crawl again at the Rakinos Bar with 7 people and every new bar we went to this number just seemed to get larger.

From Rakinos to a bar on Queen Street, then a quick food stop before going to Danny Doolins for some live Irish music it all seemed pretty easy going but then we went onto The Provedore Students Bar where the spirits were running high and the atmosphere with all the students was fantastic.

But we had to keep going and went again to the Globe bar where a lot of people were dancing and all the backpackers made it a real party atmosphere. A few people left and a few more joined as we ended up in a gay friendly bar on the K-road, where we finished this pub night in the early hours of this morning…. thanks to everyone involved, another great night out with the INTERNeX interns.
So what is your plan this weekend?

What about going to the Red Bull Trolley Grand Prix on Sunday for something a bit different. If you are a fan of speed, action and funny activities this event is right you. There will be lots of teams that spend months designing and building a fast and entertaining trolley.

The Racing at the third Red Bull Trolley Grand Prix starts at midday in Auckland Domain.  Its free to watch, so get your friends together, bring some snacks and maybe a beer and enjoy the creativity, performance and speed of the crazy Kiwi-racing-teams.

When?    Sun 10 Apr, 11:30am–5:00pm
Where?   Auckland Domain, Domain Dr, Grafton


Caro & Paul