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INTERNeX New Zealand: Opening of the Ski-season

Kia Ora guys and girls!

As you all do or do not know, the ski season is about to be opened in the South Island. The first ski area to be opened will be Mt Hutt in Canterbury on the 12th of June, followed by Coronet Peak and Cardrona in the Queenstown and Wanaka areas. This seems like an amazing opportunity for you guys who are located in the south island or for the ones that are going to travel there!

Don’t worry if you are not going there anytime soon, because the ski-season last year lasted 128 days! And for you guys who are not going to the south island at all: INTERNeX is organizing a ski-trip in the North Island. More information about that will follow soon!!

Don’t forget that if you have ANY questions (also those not related to skiing) you can contact us via Facebook or via e-mail (pr@internexnewzealand.com).

We hope you are enjoying your time in New Zealand and we would love to receive some updates about how your stay is so far!

PR Team INTERNeX New Zealand

Flying Kiwi – Discover New Zealand in a different way

A couple of weeks ago we booked for the first time someone on the Flying Kiwi bus. This awesome company arranges tours through whole New Zealand in a sporting and adventurous way. Instead of hostels you stay in camp grounds and can camp or stay in the camp lodges. Also, you can rent a bike for the whole trip and then if you want to bike for a few hours along some special parts of the country you can and if you get too tired you can just get back on the bus. 25 years ago Flying Kiwi started with arranging bike tours to show some different sides of New Zealand and with so many beautiful parts of New Zealand to see by bike they now have the whole country covered. It’s a pretty special way to see the country.


Some Flying Kiwi facts:

  • Flying Kiwi travels with a group and let you enjoy unique activities and show you stunning landscapes. You bike with a group, which means that you meet new people who like to enjoy New Zealand on a sportive way as well.
  • Flying Kiwi has a license to enable more national parks. They can show you more special places, than other tour operators.
  • They let you experience some real traditional New Zealand culture.
  • You can walk a secret glow-worm walk at night
  • They know a pool in the rain forest, swimming time!
  • You sleep in a tent and they have campsites in the middle of the nature. That means, campfires and spectacular sunsets
  • Flying Kiwi provide all the food, so you don’t have to take care of that.

You can check out www.flyingkiwi.com for all the tours. You always get 5% discount, on the lowest internet price, if you book though INTERNeX. For questions and bookings mail to pr@internexnewzealand.com to book your adventurous tour.

What’s up for the weekend? Waiheke Island!

What’s up for the weekend? INTERNeX goes Waiheke Island! Paradise Island, gorgeous beaches and hopefully Sun! Indeed, with capital S, because what’s Waiheke Island without the sun?

We are going to stay in a hostel called Kina Backpackers. Cool hostel in Onetangi close to the beach and different bars. Jump on a ferry at the harbor of Auckland and arrive after a 45 minute ferry cruise on this beautiful Island. Schedule? Check: http://www.fullers.co.nz.

So, you arrived? What’s next?

Waiheke Island is famous about the wine tastings tours. You visit different vineyards and taste a lot of different wines in amazing surroundings.
* Have a look for bookings at www.bookme.co.nz and if you are lucky it will be around $50 dollars. Normally $99NZ dollars.

Looking for some for adventure? Go Zipping! Glide from different cableways down when you are in the middle of nice nature. This adventure starts from the Visitors Centre, which is close to the ferry building.
*This EcoZip experience is about $99 NZ dollars. Phone: 09 372 5646

Into Art? Waiheke Islands offers something for everyone. Walk and watch nice art, then the Connels Bay, sculpture park is definitely something for you. The path will lead you trough nice arts statues and sculptures, with nice views everywhere.
*Student? For you $25NZD, otherwise $30NZD.

Discover the Island by yourself?
Rent a scooter if you are over 21 and cross over the whole Island to see by yourself what this paradise offers you. Stop at nice beaches, go up the hills to have the best views over Rangitoto and Auckland.
*Scooter renting from $15NZD per hour, which has a minimum of 2 hours renting. Minimum age: 21. Phone: 09 37 28 998
* Too young for a scooter? Be sportive and rent a bike! Close to Waiheke Visitors Info Centre in Oneroa you can rent bikes. Burn calories and relax under a palm tree. Phone: 09 37 27 937

A few recommendations, which you could do on Waiheke Island!

Have a nice weekend!


Lies & Luus




140 cm / 5°C/ OPEN!

You are puzzling over the heading? This are the awesome conditions for one of New Zealands wonderful skifields. 140 cm snowbase, 5°C temperature with sunshine and the lifts are open!

Doesn’t it sound like a lot of fun? If you can’t wait to try one of the skifields in New Zealand, here’s your optimal solution.

Mojo Snow has already started with his special offers in the winter season. And is still running the Snow offers because of the awesome conditions. There are different ways of travelling. And if you can’t find the right, we can set up an individual tour for you. Just tell us what you need and we realize your winterexperience.

One option is the self-driving of MOJO. For example the 4 Day North Island Tripper for $539 NZD

This tour is recommended if you wanna go skiing with some friends and are keen to travel on your own.


Spaceship hire from Auckland

MOJO Multipass (3-day-liftpass, which can also be used for other activities)


As mentioned there are also exsisting journeys. For example the 6 Day South Island Snow Roadie Tour for $899 NZD

At this tour you ski in the famous snowfields of the South Island and while travelling on the bus you can enjoy the astonishing landscape down there.


Travelling by bus

MOJO Multipass (4-day-liftpass, which can also be used for other activities)



We have the offer – you have to make the decision!

For more information or booking contact: pr@internexnewzealand.com

Cheers, Caro

PR-Departement INTERNeX

The first INTERNeX New Zealand Trip

Hey everybody!

The week started again. Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend like me!

Because this time two of our current INTERNeX Candidates joined the weekend trip. Robert, who is doing an internship and Marielle who will work in the Hospitality and Tourism industry.

Together we were five of us, sharing a car. After picking this up on saturday morning we started and made the first stop in Paeroa, where the famous New Zealand drink L&P is produced. Stopped there for a drink and a short Foto-Shooting in front of the huge bottle.

Afterwards we followed the tip of one fellow and made a short side trip to Karangahake Gorge, where we visited a closed down waterworks. For the afternoon we planned to do the tour through Hobbiton and see the filmset of the Lord of the Rings.

It was really impressive to hear on site which filmactions took place right under your feet. Its unblievale to imagine how many people must have been there to get the film done.  It’s definitely worth to visit that place, also if you are no fan of the films.

We continued the journey to Tauranga & Mt. Maunganui through the lovely landscape with wonderful sunshine and had some trouble with the reverse gear at the toll station, but nothing serious happended….Puhhh!

Despite the inaction, we felt after our dinner in the hostel everyone went out for a walk afterwards through the small surfer city Mt. Maunganui. There was nothing really going on but we had fun when we tried to find the way to the beach.

After a good sleep in our “own” room in the hostel, we got up really early to climb the Mt. Maunganui, but this was harder than we expected. Perspiring and out of breath we arrived at the peak where we ate our breakfast and did some amazing pictures of the sourrounding landescape. Absolutely beautiful!

The way down was much faster because of the upcoming main adventure of the weekend. The Rafting on the Kaitaia River. After some trouble to find the starting point for the tour and to book the right trip, we had enough time to go back to the city for some lunch and food shopping.

While we were waiting for our tour operators we had a much fun and the atmoshere was getting better and better in anticiption of the rafting. After half an hour we made it into the waterresistent clothes and jumped into the bus on the way to the river. We carried the Raft down to the river and went into the water. Thanks to the funny guides we had, the whole raft was such a wonderful experience. Ways to short and lots of laughing and action. We raftet down a 6 m waterfall and did some “surfing” with the raft, where one of our girls got completly wet.













On our way back to the base we couldn’t stop laughing cause of all the adrenalin. And even there we had a great time waiting for our pictures and having some After-Raft-Muffins…;-) All the others where wondering about so funny germans. Around 6:00 in the evening we started our way back to Auckland after a really amazing weekend. Thanks to all of you, making this weekend to one of the best here in New Zealand. If we could transfer this good mood to the next PuB NiGHT would be awesome guys.

Thanks for this and hope to see you soon. If you guys wanna join one of our weekendtrips or need some help with activities and travelling for your stay here just send a mail to pr@internexnewzealand.com

And for more pictures check out http://www.flickr.com/photos/42564157@N06/

Have a nice week!

Cheers, Caro

PR-Department INTERNeX

Travelling in a Campervan

Hey all!

This weekend – I know it sounds crazy- but I have been out of Auckland again…:-)

It was really adventuresome this time, because I joined two friends of mine, who started their big trip through New Zealand in a Campervan!

So I got the unique chance to overnight at a wonderful place in Taupo for free.

We started the trip Friday midday in Auckland and first drove to Waitomo, where the friends of mine explored the Waitomo Caves via Blackwater Rafting and I visited the Waitomo Discovery Centre to learn about the formation of the Caves and the history of their exploration.

After that we planned to do the Tongariro Crossing the next day, but because of the weather it was impossible, so we had to think about a new plan.

We decided to spent the night in Taupo, because its a big city with a huge range of activities. So we drove through the night and it was so much fun, exploring the country with the Campervan. After shopping some food for dinner we found a really nice place at Acacia Bay, where we enjoyed some pasta and a wine for dinner. Ever tried to cook in a 4 square metre kitchen-living, and sleeping room? A real chaos with three girls but also much fun!













The next day we woke up really late, due to the sleeping comfort of the Campervan. It took us 3 hours to get ready! Because of the ongoing rain we decided to spend the next hours at the AC Bath in Taupo (http://taupovenues.co.nz/ac-baths/home/) with 35 degree warm water and a sauna. The best thing you can do at a rainy day!

At the Friendscafé at the promenade of famous Lake Taupo we had coffee, pie and a nice chat with the waiter before I said goodbye to the girls. They continued their trip to Palmerston North. Safe travel for them!


I spent the night in a lovely hostel (http://www.blackcurrantbp.co.nz/), where I met a girl from a city in Germany, where I used to live for three years. Crazy little world…;-)

After a good night I travelled back to Auckland by bus on Sunday and enjoyed again the beautiful landscape of New Zealand.

So hope you guys are getting some new ideas for travelling now cause this is what you should definitely do here.

Hope to hear from your experiences.

Cheers, Caro

INTERNeX at Blue Duck Station

Hi all,

As we promised before we will tell you about the weekend trip to the Blue Duck Station, which we won at the Stray-Mazing Race two weeks ago.

Enjoy reading our summary ☺


Friday afternoon we started the trip with some guys from different companies of the Auckland travel industry and 3 Stray-operators. We started the trip with a 5-hour-drive to National Park, where we slept the first night at the cosy Pukenui Lodge.

After arriving and checking out our rooms, we had a couple of drinks, while chatting with the all participants of the trip in the lodge bar which looked like ski hut. Our INTERNeX-Crew finished the evening by getting a kiwi charade lesson by Chris.

What a start into the weekend.


Next morning we enjoyed a nice breakfast buffet at the lodge before it was time to continue our travel.

After a short photo session of all trip members in front of a massive wood kiwi figure we went on to the Blue Dock Lodge – which seems to be in the middle of nowhere!

As we arrived at the final destination the owner of the farm Dan Steele warmly welcomed us. At the Blue Duck Cafe we got an introduction about the farm, how Dan is implementing his conservation program for the area and his future tourism plans.

In the sunny afternoon we started the full adventure, with doing some axe throwing, jet boating and hunting with our local guide Dan, who told us some really interesting stories about the land and showed us the historic places of the Whanganui River.

Despite not being successful in shooting wild goats we enjoyed a delicious dinner in the Lodge’s Café. Suddenly the doors of the Café opened and to all our surprise one of Dan’s staff members entered the room riding a horse.

In the evening we relaxed at the big fireplace in front of our lodge. While it was raining we talked, drank and played some funny games…feeling really comfortable sitting dry on some sheltered benches in front of the bonfire.


After the nice bonfire party we had to get up pretty early in order to enjoy a long and exciting day on the farm.

The Irish kitchen crew prepared a perfect Sunday morning breakfast for all of us including scrambled eggs, sausages, toast and ham. Now we were ready to get out in the wild again. Our program for the day was horse riding, a farm drive in the awesome 4WD Polaris and kayaking on the Whanganui river.

What we didn’t know when we started our farm tour was that Dan planned to go for a quick goat hunt again. Obviously all of us agreed on postponing the kayaking and search for some tasty looking goats. While driving through the farm and spotting for goats Dan told us more interesting historical stories about his land and suddenly we stopped because one of us saw two goats standing on a hill. Unfortunately they rushed into some bushes before we had the chance to get a clear shot. However after a further 5-minute drive our hunt became successful and we ended the hunt with having a goat in the back of the Polaris.

Now we continued our tour by walking through the bush down to the Whanganui river where we jumped on some kayaks and paddled through an absolutely stunning scenery.

As we were too many people to do the Sunday activities in one group, we were split up in two groups and it was now time to change activities. That means that we left the kayaking station and made our way to the horses, which were waiting for bringing us back home.

The heavy rain couldn’t stop us from enjoying the 1 ½ hour ride on our horses through the farm land. For some of us it was the first time in their life to ride a horse, which made this day an unforgettable experience for them.

We arrived back at the Blue Duck Café completely cold and wet but nobody could take the smile off our faces. After a coffee and some time go defrost in the warm and cosy café it was time for us to leave the farm and get back toAuckland.

All in all we had a wonderful weekend full of surprises and cool activities. We definitely recommend you guys to go to the Blue Duck Station yourself and experience an amazing farm weekend.


For more pictures of the weekend check out: http://www.facebook.com/INTERNeX

Our thanks for the weekend go to Dan and his Blue Duck Crew and of course Stray and their entertaining and funny drivers who organised the weekend for us.


Chris, Caroline & Paul