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The NZ International Film Festival 2011 is starting today!


Another good event for the windy and rainy winter in Auckland is starting today. And if you love films but are bugged by all the predictable Hollywood movies this is your rescue!

The New Zealand winter hosts a yearly cultural highlight, the Film Festival is the Premier film event of the year. It brings a wide range of the best international films to 15 cities around the whole country.


More than 140 features can be seen, under it some titles from Cannes and Sundance Film Festival. New Zealand audiences will be the first outside Europe to see films that saw this year’s Cannes Festival!

The Festival starts in Auckland today and lasts until the 3rd of August. The films will also be shown in Wellington from next week. And later on the Festival travels with a smaller programme to 12 more cities in New Zealand before finishing in Kerikeri in November.

How to find the right film?

If you are interested in independent films but have no idea which film would be good, use the detailed homepage!

There you can find a good categorisation of the films, that helps you to get a first overview about the different sections.

You can also choose films by genre, director or country, if you wanna watch a New Zealand film for example. It’s really helpful to have a look at this page (http://www.nzff.co.nz/auckland/find-a-film). You can also check which films are recommended by film websites and bloggers. (http://www.nzff.co.nz/auckland/picks-from-the-web).

New at the Festival is the Film Café which is located in the Wintergarden under The Civic. Free events like Quiz-nights and Short Films from Auckland film schools will take place. You can also meet filmmakers or listen to them when they talk about their work.

Where are the films shown and how to buy the tickets?

The venues are at seven different locations around the city and are shown on the ticket. These can be purchased online over ticketek.co.nz or over a free phonenumber 0800 842 538. You can also buy the tickets directly at four of the seven venues. For the whole information check this page http://www.nzff.co.nz/auckland/tickets.


The prices vary from $9.50 to $18.50 depending on time, student status and filmcategories (3D). But these films are definitely worth one’s salt.

So stop complaining about the unexciting winter and get inspired by some really good films.

More detailed information about the festival can be found at http://www.nzff.co.nz/auckland.


Have a great time!

Cheers, Caro

PR-Department INTERNeX

Fringe Festival 2011 Auckland

The great Auckland Fringe Festival is back!


This amazing open access festival takes place all across the Auckland SuperCity across from Waiheke to the Waitakeres and even some events in swimming pools.

This festival is New Zealand’s biggest stage for independent artists to present their unique performances and work in a environment of artistic freedom

There are over 100 events from 25th February – 13th March, many are free and the others are usually than $20 so get out there, see some new areas of Auckland and see some amazing and unique New Zealand culture.

For more informations and a detailed programme about all events, dates, times check out:



Cheers the INTERNeX team