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INTERNeX New Zealand: Fun, Fright, Flight/Fight, Fit

Those are the 4 different stages that everyone goes through when settling in a new country πŸ™‚ Moving to another country is a big step and will always involve a lot of adjustments. This usually almost results in a culture shock, even though you will not be expecting this when you move to such a modernized country such as New Zealand.Β 

1. FUN

This is the first stage that someone will go through. In this stage everything is a lot of fun because you are meeting new people, you are seeing new places and this will carry you through the first few weeks that you will be here.

sponge fun


This is the point where you realize that you are in a different country, all by yourself without your family and friends from back home. It might feel like everything back home is going on as usual, and that you are missing out on a lot of things. πŸ˜₯



This is where you get unsure about your decision to move to New Zealand. You are thinking about going home (flight) or about just staying here and fight for it.

air nzfight


This is the final stage where you are feeling at home in New Zealand, everything is going the way that you want it to go and everything is AMAZING!

We are sure that you are just gonna skip the second and third phase because New Zealand is just an amazing place, the people are extremely nice and welcoming and you are never gonna wanna leave! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


Farmstay movie

Hi there,

You might have seen it passing on facebook, the farm trip Lucinda and I did a few weeks ago. Well we are proudly like to present you the results. We made a couple of movies from the farms and a lot of pictures to improve the farm stay profiles. We also made a general movie about the farm stay program. In this blog you will find the link to the youtube link.

We visit 17 of our 80 farms, were INTERNeX works together with. A lot of these farms are based in the area Waikato. It took us a week to visit all these farms and hold interviews and made pictures. For almost every farm there is now a video of the farm to give the participant a better introduction about the farm. As I just told we also made a general movie which you can watch if you click on this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hln3l9wiCqs.

We hope you al enjoy the movie!


Luus and Lies

Horse jump show!


How was your weekend? You went out of town visit nice New Zealand nature or… went off your farm to help at a horse jumping show? A part of the INTERNeX team went this weekend to a horse jumping show to watch a few Farmstay interns who had to work on the horse jumping show. That was fun!

If you are really into horses, this is definitely something for you! This show was 3 days and you stay at the event, sleeping in the trailer. During the day you help to get the horses prepared for the game and help your farmer with the preparations of the jumping show. In the evening you have a few drinks with other people who are at the game. So acctually the whole weekend you work with the horses. πŸ™‚

We went for a day to the jump show near Cambridge to visit the Farmstay interns and it was great to see what the program also contains. It’s not that you only have to work on the farm. These shows are awesome to work on and you have to take care of the horses.

You like horses, farmlife and work outside? Check out our Farmstay program and see what it has to offer for you!


Lies & Luus

INTERNeX New Zealand: Farmstay participant’s experience in New Zealand

Check out these photos from one of our Farmstay participant’s time in New Zealand. Here’s what she had to say about her experience:

“Thank you for making my farmstay so great. The family is such a lovely family. I really enjoyed every day being with them and working for them on the farm. I also loved looking after the children, they are so lovely, too. I am missing them heaps. I always felt like a member of the family and not only like a worker. I also met so many lovely people of the family, all of them open-minded and friendly. I hope that I will meet this family and their friends one day again.”