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INTERNeX New Zealand: Fun, Fright, Flight/Fight, Fit

Those are the 4 different stages that everyone goes through when settling in a new country 🙂 Moving to another country is a big step and will always involve a lot of adjustments. This usually almost results in a culture shock, even though you will not be expecting this when you move to such a modernized country such as New Zealand. 

1. FUN

This is the first stage that someone will go through. In this stage everything is a lot of fun because you are meeting new people, you are seeing new places and this will carry you through the first few weeks that you will be here.

sponge fun


This is the point where you realize that you are in a different country, all by yourself without your family and friends from back home. It might feel like everything back home is going on as usual, and that you are missing out on a lot of things. 😥



This is where you get unsure about your decision to move to New Zealand. You are thinking about going home (flight) or about just staying here and fight for it.

air nzfight


This is the final stage where you are feeling at home in New Zealand, everything is going the way that you want it to go and everything is AMAZING!

We are sure that you are just gonna skip the second and third phase because New Zealand is just an amazing place, the people are extremely nice and welcoming and you are never gonna wanna leave! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

INTERNeX New Zealand: Annual American Express Queenstown Winter Festival

Hello Guys and Girls,

Just letting you know that if you are a big ski or snowboard fan, this winter in New Zealand is     going to be perfect for you!! For the past 2 days there has been a huge snow storm in the South Island which caused around a metre to a metre and a half of snow!

Not only is this great for the ski-season, but it is also a big bonus for the annual American       Express Queenstown Winter Festival that kicked of yesterday! As you probably already know, the Kiwis are always looking for reasons to make a party, and that is exactly how this Festival      started!

Back in 1975 a couple of locals from Queenstown basically decided that the Winter is super amazing and that the start of it needs to be celebrated! Since then, the Festival grew to be one of the biggest celebrations of Winter! The Queenstown Winter Festival is a 10-day celebration including street parties, fireworks, local ánd international acts, comedy, family fun and heaps of more fun stuff!

queenstown winter festival

Visit the Chinese Lantern Festival with us!

Experience the 15th Chinese Lantern Festival this weekend and especially this Friday, when you can join INTERNeX to explore this beautiful festival. When the sun goes down more than 800 lanterns will light up. Stunning lanterns in all their glory will give a great effect, especially when it gets dark. This festival is all about Chinese lantern and the Chinese culture. Their delicacies and performances. You can try typical Chinese food, buy Chinese souvenirs and watch international performances on Albert Park Main Stage. Almost every time there is an interesting and astonishing act going on.

The Lantern Festival is separated in two different parts. The other location where you can enjoy China is at the Queens wharf.  Catch an outdoor movie with some friends where you can relax and enjoy the contemporary Chinese culture on the waterfront.

We will experience the festival as well this Friday, the 14th of Febuary, at the Albert Park. We will meet at 8.30pm at the entrance of Kitchener Street, at the big stones and going to explore the Lantern Festival with a group. See map at the Facebook event for the exact meeting point and if you really can’t find you can contact us on 021 08395428.

See you then!


INTERNeX New Zealand: Arty Auckland

Hi there,

We all know that we have the Auckland museum and the most of you been perhaps to the free Art museum close to the Albert park.

But don’t you want more?



08 neighbourhoods
10 Days&Nights
60 Venues & Galleries
100 Events & Exhibitons

That’s what we called the ARTWEEK. From 11-20 October are the creative days in Auckland erupted. There are public galleries, commercial galleries, artist-run spaces and venues all over the city who opening their doors to show what kind of talent they’ve got. It’s a creative opportunity for you to explore what’s on offer. Join the art tours, talks and workshops.

fietsenThey also got some special events, you didn’t for example do your fitness workout for this week? Jump on a bike and do the ‘Wheelers and Dealers’. It’s a free and fun cycling tour to see as much as possible. Or join the ‘Walkabouts and Windows‘ and walk with professional guides through the Auckland art scene. Those Artweek tours offer an exclusive, behind the scenes view of the artworld.

Check their website for more creative fun and one thing… we don’t want to hear you say you are bored between 11 – 20 October, because there is enough to see, to do and to explore in ‘Arty Auckland’! 😉

Creative greetings,

Lies & Luus

INTERNeX New Zealand: Mount Eden Sunset

Hi there!

If you are done with your work or you have a free evening and you don’t know what else to do? Go watching the sunset on Mount Eden. We’ve done it and it was so beautiful! When the sun is falling you see more and more lights in Auckland which give you a great view over the city by night.

Mount Eden is the second highest natural point in the whole Auckland region. You can easily go by bus from the CBD district. Go to Britomart and there will be a lot of busses who will bring you to the volcano. You can take the Outer Link busses 274/267/625/258/277 and many more I guess. One trip costs only $1,90 NZ dollar and you travel around 20 minutes.

View Mount Eden

Last but not least, we met our first Maori’s over there! They teached us a real Maori game. First you have to say welcome to each other on the ‘Maori-way’ like nose – to – nose and then you have to do a game with your hand called Papaki Rere – translation ‘Flying Hands’. They were also singing during the game.

Imaging… you stand on a volcano in the middle of New Zealand, with sunset views over Auckland, doing Maori games with real Maori’s is pretty awesome!

Maori game – Papaki Rere

So, check it out!


Lies & Luus

INTERNeX New Zealand: Stray Promo

Our friends at Stray have just launched the “Want More” Promo, offering 35% off the Everywhere, Moe and Short Max passes and up to 25% off any pass over $499. If you book through us here at INTERNeX we can get you an additional 5% off, how can you say no to that? 😉

Want More

INTERNeX New Zealand: Wynyard Quarter

Wynyard Quarter

Wynyard Quarter is a popular destination for Aucklanders and tourists alike. Located on Auckland’s waterfront, there are plenty of things to see and do including various artworks such as the flooded mirror and sounds of sea, Silo park, the Auckland dockline tram, karanga plaza, the Waterfront QR code journey and plenty of cool places to eat.

“The Flooded Mirror” is a sound installation, which tells the story of the link between the sea, geology, and humans. The artist (Rachel Shearer) has created sounds inspired by mineral structures. The sounds act as metaphor for the processes that affect the land formation, geological strata, culture and communities.

“Sounds of the Sea” is an artwork based on the ventilation funnels and speaking tubes, which were used on ships.

Silo Park is a special place on the edge of the water. This park is located between Jellicoe and Beaumont Street. A Silo is a large structure used for storing bulk materials.  This park, which is built around the old Silos, offers views across to Westhaven Marina and the Auckland Harbour Bridge. During summer, night markets and the Silo Cinemas are held every Friday. On Saturday afternoons Silo sessions feature the latest in up and coming musical talent.

Another cool feature of Wynyard Quarter is Karanga Plaza. This area is a large open space featuring art, seating and steps down to the water’s edge. It’s a great place to sit and relax.

The Auckland Dockline Tram: 55 years after they were last seen on Auckland streets, Trams have returned to the city! The Auckland dockline tram is a beautifully restored 1920s heritage tram. A 15-minute tramway circuit loops around Halsey, Gaunt, Daldy and Jellicoe Streets, operating between 10am and 4.30pm daily. For more information visit the Auckland Tram website.

At Wynyard Quarter there is also public piano available so if you feel like playing a few tunes the piano is there for your enjoyment.

The Waterfront QR code Journey: QR codes are special bar codes that can be recognized by smart phones, you may have seen them around on posters, in magazines or on advertisements. Along the journey from Queens Wharf to Silo Park there are blue posters with QR codes on them. If you scan these codes with your Smart Phone you will be taken to a video about the particular feature where the poster is located.

Wynyard Quarter is a great place for tourists to check out some of Auckland’s funky places to hang out. Definitely worth a visit, hopefully we’ll have some good weather this weekend 🙂

Stray Promo On Now !

Hi everyone,

Our partner Stray launched a new promo with awesome discounts on all the passes, going from 30 to 50%.

So if you book the Max pass before the 14th of may, the price will not be 1430NZ$ but 715$ on which we add a special INTERNeX discount of 5% making it at 679NZ$ !

And for the cherry on the top, you have now two FREE boat cruises included in the passes ! One in the Raglan Harbour normally worth 59$ and one in the Abel Tasman National Park normally worth 69$…

So don’t hesitate to talk to us to book your trip, you can contact us by mail at pr@internexnewzealand.com or even come visit us at the office.

Cheers, Robin.

PR-Department INTERNeX New Zealand.

INTERNeX New Zealand : Casual Friday.

Hi everyone, here is the first article of the weekly series of « Casual Friday » where you will have the smell of the weekend coming.

So for the first article, I’m going to write about what is my passion and what coincides with the actuality : Rugby !

You may have heard or seen it but next week is the return of the Super 15 which is the second-best rugby championship in the world (people here will tell you it is the best, but in France we pride ourselves to think ours is the best…). Anyway you can’t miss that, even more if you missed the World Cup…

The Super 15 is the combination of 15 teams from 3 countries (South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, 5 teams for every country), and the local representatives are the Auckland Blues.

So with tickets going from 20$ it is the perfect occasion to discover and understand live the complicated rules of the best sport in the whole world (ok I may be over-enthusiast but trust me, it is an awesome sport…) !

The first game of the season is gonna be next Friday at 7 :30PM at Eden Park and is surely going to be one of the best games of the season with the Blues battling against the Canterbury Crusaders, their biggest rivals. Basically, half of the All Blacks team is going to be on the pitch and as the stadium will not be over-crowded, you have great chances to approach the players at the end of the game !

Here is the link to buy a ticket : http://www.ticketmaster.co.nz/Blues-tickets/artist/1090488?tm_link=tm_sports_f1

Have a great weekend, Robin.

PR-Department INTERNeX New Zealand.

18th INTERNeX New Zealand Pub Night

Hi everyone, this Thursday night is the time to get another Pub Night !

So like the last times let’s meet at 7:00PM at Rakino’s, we’ll then go to Cassette 9 and join the Pub Crawl.

You can get a “2 for 1” voucher at Cassette 9 by sending us a picture that you took and it could become the picture of the week !

Cheers, Robin.

PR-Department INTERNeX New Zealand.