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INTERNeX New Zealand: Fun, Fright, Flight/Fight, Fit

Those are the 4 different stages that everyone goes through when settling in a new country 🙂 Moving to another country is a big step and will always involve a lot of adjustments. This usually almost results in a culture shock, even though you will not be expecting this when you move to such a modernized country such as New Zealand. 

1. FUN

This is the first stage that someone will go through. In this stage everything is a lot of fun because you are meeting new people, you are seeing new places and this will carry you through the first few weeks that you will be here.

sponge fun


This is the point where you realize that you are in a different country, all by yourself without your family and friends from back home. It might feel like everything back home is going on as usual, and that you are missing out on a lot of things. 😥



This is where you get unsure about your decision to move to New Zealand. You are thinking about going home (flight) or about just staying here and fight for it.

air nzfight


This is the final stage where you are feeling at home in New Zealand, everything is going the way that you want it to go and everything is AMAZING!

We are sure that you are just gonna skip the second and third phase because New Zealand is just an amazing place, the people are extremely nice and welcoming and you are never gonna wanna leave! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

The first INTERNeX New Zealand Trip

Hey everybody!

The week started again. Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend like me!

Because this time two of our current INTERNeX Candidates joined the weekend trip. Robert, who is doing an internship and Marielle who will work in the Hospitality and Tourism industry.

Together we were five of us, sharing a car. After picking this up on saturday morning we started and made the first stop in Paeroa, where the famous New Zealand drink L&P is produced. Stopped there for a drink and a short Foto-Shooting in front of the huge bottle.

Afterwards we followed the tip of one fellow and made a short side trip to Karangahake Gorge, where we visited a closed down waterworks. For the afternoon we planned to do the tour through Hobbiton and see the filmset of the Lord of the Rings.

It was really impressive to hear on site which filmactions took place right under your feet. Its unblievale to imagine how many people must have been there to get the film done.  It’s definitely worth to visit that place, also if you are no fan of the films.

We continued the journey to Tauranga & Mt. Maunganui through the lovely landscape with wonderful sunshine and had some trouble with the reverse gear at the toll station, but nothing serious happended….Puhhh!

Despite the inaction, we felt after our dinner in the hostel everyone went out for a walk afterwards through the small surfer city Mt. Maunganui. There was nothing really going on but we had fun when we tried to find the way to the beach.

After a good sleep in our “own” room in the hostel, we got up really early to climb the Mt. Maunganui, but this was harder than we expected. Perspiring and out of breath we arrived at the peak where we ate our breakfast and did some amazing pictures of the sourrounding landescape. Absolutely beautiful!

The way down was much faster because of the upcoming main adventure of the weekend. The Rafting on the Kaitaia River. After some trouble to find the starting point for the tour and to book the right trip, we had enough time to go back to the city for some lunch and food shopping.

While we were waiting for our tour operators we had a much fun and the atmoshere was getting better and better in anticiption of the rafting. After half an hour we made it into the waterresistent clothes and jumped into the bus on the way to the river. We carried the Raft down to the river and went into the water. Thanks to the funny guides we had, the whole raft was such a wonderful experience. Ways to short and lots of laughing and action. We raftet down a 6 m waterfall and did some “surfing” with the raft, where one of our girls got completly wet.













On our way back to the base we couldn’t stop laughing cause of all the adrenalin. And even there we had a great time waiting for our pictures and having some After-Raft-Muffins…;-) All the others where wondering about so funny germans. Around 6:00 in the evening we started our way back to Auckland after a really amazing weekend. Thanks to all of you, making this weekend to one of the best here in New Zealand. If we could transfer this good mood to the next PuB NiGHT would be awesome guys.

Thanks for this and hope to see you soon. If you guys wanna join one of our weekendtrips or need some help with activities and travelling for your stay here just send a mail to pr@internexnewzealand.com

And for more pictures check out http://www.flickr.com/photos/42564157@N06/

Have a nice week!

Cheers, Caro

PR-Department INTERNeX

Picture of the week

Picture of the week!


Thanks and goodbye to Carolin…

Our picture of this week is from and with Carolin – a participant of the INTERNeX Hospitality program – who left the country on Monday. The picture is made at the Rotorua Lake and shows Carolin, how she says goodbye to a great time in New Zealand.

We would like to thank her for participating in the program and being a good friend to many people her. We are looking forward to meet her again some day. Have a good time in Fiji and Los Angeles Carolin!

So guys, for sure Carolin can’t go to the Rugbygame because she isn’t in New Zealand anymore. Sad for her but another chance for you to get the tickets for the Rugby game next Saturday.

So look through your pictures and send us you favorite for the next “Picture of the week” until Thursday, 2nd of June and luckily you can enjoy a real Kiwi-Saturday evening.


Caroline & Paul

PR-Team INTERNeX New Zealand

Today we start the INTERNeX New Zealand Blog

Hello and welcome to the new Blog from INTERNeX International Exchange. This Blog will provide you with information about what to do in New Zealand and of course will inform you about our programs and special offers we may have. In the next couple weeks we will add information about us, about our services and events. But to give you a little idea who we are and what we do please allow me to introduce INTERNeX and of course myself.

My name is R. Simon Kaebe and I am the PR and as well the IT Manager of INTERNeX International Exchange. My job is to update our website(s), inform you, with the help of our wonderful PR team, about events and what you can do during your time in New Zealand. I also created most of the communication tools we have in place to provide you a better service and that helps us to stay in touch with you.

But what is INTERNeX International Exchange doing anyways?

We are Canada’s leading organization for placements allowing you to work, live and learn in Canada and of course as well other location such as New Zealand. If you are looking for an internship, a work placement in the hospitality industry or would like to learn more about New Zealand’s or Canada’s countryside. We have the right program for you. We also offer many different and interesting Volunteer placements, for those who are interested in working with a Volunteer station / organization.

Our company is built around people. People who want to explore new places and experience what the world has to offer. To truly understand what it means to live in today’s world, we believe that you need to gain real, practical experience in a foreign country and not just see through the eyes of a tourist. This has been the philosophy of our organization since we began in 1998 and is still what drives us today.

Our employees are world citizens. Everyone has lived and traveled abroad extensively, making our team intimately aware of the barriers constantly challenging our participants and affiliates. Our individual experiences have made us more driven to participate wholly in the betterment of the global community by providing opportunities for understanding and awareness. The INTERNeX staff, participants and affiliates are part of an organization that has its eyes to a future without cultural or linguistic barriers.

Our Vision
INTERNeX International Exchange strives to provide the highest quality of professional development services to our clients. Our programs are tailored specifically to fit the needs of our participants who are seeking on-site practical experience and for host organizations seeking to enrich their capacity for globalization.

Our Mission
To promote personal success and facilitate the achievement of our participants, host organizations and staff through experiential programs fostering a cross-cultural understanding of a multi-cultural global community.

So that’s it from me for now. Feel free to check out our Blog frequently, join us on Facebook and if you like you can as well find more information about us on our other channels such as: