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INTERNeX New Zealand: Event in Auckland July 2015

Hello Guys and Girls!

Everyone here in New Zealand is getting cold as ice, which means that we need to plan some fun activities to get ourselves motivated and prevent ourselves from getting depressed! 😥 Therefore I have made a small list of things to do in Auckland in July 🙂

World Press Photo Exhibition

A lot of you guys probably heard of this exhibition before! It is in the news almost every year because of the impressive pictures, and this year the exhibition comes to Auckland!

For more information about this amazing Exhibition, take a look here!


Disney on Ice – Dare to Dream

Okay, now be completely honest. Who didn’t get even a little excited when you saw this?! DISNEY ON ICE. I don’t think it gets any better. This amazing show will be performing in Auckland from Friday the 24th of July until the 26th in the Vector Arena.

For ticketing and the correct dates and times, take a look here!


Scrapbooking & Crafting Expo

Yaaay it’s time to get creativeee!! This weekend the Scapbooking & Crafting Expo will be on! They have classes, seminars and workshops that you can book yourself into free demos, competitions, displays, ideas etc. So basically this will be a whole weekend full of creativity!

Wanna get creative? Take a look here!


NZIFF New Zealand International Film Festival

The NZIFF is an annually returning festival in the winter. They bring all different kinds of movies from all over the world to Auckland to show to you! You can watch the movies on 6 different locations and is definitely worth a visit if you are a big fan of movies!

Want to watch a nice movie? Take a look here for more information!


Aotea Square Ice Rank

Are there any ice skating lovers on here? Because now is your chance to enjoy some ice skating right in the city centre of Auckland. The Ice Rink is open from 10am in school holidays and 12pm on any other day until 10pm for 7 days a week! At night the lighting gives you a warm feeling as if you are in winter wonderland!

Get Frozen, Let it go, and build a snowman! For more information look here!


17th New Zealand Pub Night !

Hi everyone, I’m back from my little road trip and this means that I finally can organise the first Pub Night of the year !

So even if we are not so many in town at the moment it would be great if we could see each of you on Thursday night.

The Rakino’s will once more be our starting base and then we’ll move on to Cassette or somewhere else if you have good ideas.

So see you on Thursday night at 7:00PM !

Cheers, Robin

PR-Departement INTERNeX New Zealand.

And again a new intern!

Hi everyone,

There is again a new face at the INTERNeX office! My name is Lotte May Heida. I am from Holland, but I have been living in Switzerland for the last 3 years. I have studied European Studies in The Hague and afterwards I have been working in Switzerland. I also did another study in dancing in Switzerland, which I finished in July. After all this hard work, I felt like it was necessary to get a change of location again and this is how I came to INTERNeX New Zealand. During my studies I worked together with people from all over the world. I absolutely loved to learn about different cultures, different values and simply different ways of life. Which is why I am very much looking forward to working here at INTERNeX and meeting all of you!

I have arrived here last wednesday, so I am still learning about Auckland and of course about New Zealand in general. This is why I went on friday on the free bustour of STRAY around the city. It was a great way of getting to know other people, getting to know Auckland and it also offered the opportunity to get some amazing views of the city. There was a little game at the site of the skytower and one of the group won the prize of jumping off the skytower. I was very happy it wasn’t me who won this prize as I don’t like to throw myself off of buildings voluntarily. Afterwards we went for lunch in a pub where we also got the chance to taste some New Zealand beers. As grand finale, we went to the harbour bridge where some of the group again took their chances of taking a discounted (because we were with STRAY) bungeejump.

So I am looking forward to meeting you and don’t hesitate to contact me, Robin or Chris if you have any questions about your stay here in New Zealand. Also, contact us when you’re making your plans for travelling around New Zealand, as we might be able to get you some special deals.



11th INTERNeX New Zealand PuB NiGHT – Welcome & Farewell


I am back from my trip and with me the next PuB NiGHT for you guys!

Next week on Thursday we will celebrate the 11th INTERNeX New Zealand PuB NiGHT again. Come and join the funny group with lots of chats, laughs and fun. We will start at the Rakinos again with it’s good happy hour deals.

I would be happy to see as much as possible of you cause it’s my last PuB NiGHT with you guys and you will get to know my follower Robin. He is the new INTERNeX intern from France and would like to meet you as well.

If you have any questions just contact me via facebook or mail.

So get all your friends together for a great night out in Auckland.


When? Thursday, August 25th at 7.00 pm

Where? Rakinos Pub, Level 1,35 High Street


Hope to see you next week for a great Farewell and Welcome party…


Cheers, Caro

PR-Department INTERNeX

Tonight – New Zealand PuB NiGHT 5.0

Hey All,

Its time for our INTERNeX PuB NiGHT again. Today we will start  our evening at The Bluestone Room.

Never heard of this Pub? The Bluestone Room is a Pub in the oldest building of Auckland with a wide offer of beer in a relaxing atmosphere.

If you are up to something new then be in time and we can join the quiz night! Otherwise we will just have some nice chats about the last two weeks, while enjoying a couple of drinks.

We are really looking forward to have another wonderful and funny night.

So hope to see you all at the The Bluestone Room and as usual you are mostly welcome to bring your friends.

If you have any questions, contact us via mail or facebook.

Hope to see you on Wednesday!

When?:     Wednesday 18. May, 6 pm

Where?:    The Bluestone Room,9 – 11 Durham Lane



Caroline & Paul


Contact:  pr@internexnewzealand.com

The Amazing Northland

Hey all,

Are you thinking about where to spend the weekend? Then I have some cool opportunities for those of you who haven’t been to Northland of New Zealand. I am really grateful having had an amazing time up there last weekend.

So lean back and get inspired.

Luckely I was able to go on a five-day-trip through the amazing Northland of New Zealand with my friend Maria, who is currently studying at the Auckland University.

The most exciting thing about the trip was that we decided to hitch-hike in order to save money and get to know some locals.

Starting at Friday morning a little bit outside of Auckland at the on-ramp to

the motorway 1 up north. Without having any experience in hitch-hiking we hoped to be lucky and with the help of four different friendly kiwis we made our first stop in Whangarei, where we explored the Abbey Caves on our own.

Next morning we continued our trip to Paihia where we stopped and enjoyed a coffee in small, sunny cafe towards the Hundertwasser toilets in Kawakawa. In Paihia we used the free bikes of our hostel to get to Waitangi and enjoyed a free view at the Treaty Grounds. On our exhausting way back to the hostel we stopped at the really impressive Haururu-Falls.

In the afternoon we went to Russel (the former capital of New Zealand) by taking a ferry while having the typical kiwi Ice Cream: Hokey Pokey! Arriving there we visited the oldest church of New Zealand, followed by climbing a hill, where we had a spectacular sunset view over the Bay of Islands.

We ended our day by eating a bowl of Kumara Chips with sour cream recommended by one of our lifts at the Crusty Crab in Russel – absolutely delicious.

Next day we started again early to join a coast cruise to the famous Hole in

the Rock  and luckily we were able to see some dolphins, as well. In the afternoon a retired pilot and his wife gave us a private guided tour through the orange orchards in Kerikeri and the oldest stone building of New Zealand. Afterwards we tried to find the Rivertrack to the Rainbow Falls and funny was end up being on a golf course.

The last two hours of daylight we spend cruising over Mangounui and the Doubtless Bay to our accommodation in Kaitaia. Such a funny, sunny day!

On Monday we did the amazing tour to Cape Reinga including a beach cruise at the ninety mile beach, getting full-day entertainment program by our funny local tour guide and swimming at the most awesome beaches we have seen so far.

In the evening we enjoyed another beautiful sunset while swimming in the Tasman Sea at the beginning of the Ninety Mile Beach in Ahipara.

The last day we made our way back to Auckland by hitch-hiking down the West coast, which was really hard in the beginning of the day but became easier in Omapere, where a nice guy picked us up and dropped us off close to Auckland.

I hope you got a good impression what you can experience in the beautiful Northland. And if you don’t feel like hitch-hiking, check-out the cool bus tour of Stray Travel, who offer almost the same trip as we did.

See you next week at the PuB Night!

Cheers, Caroline

New Zealand got me: Meet Paul

Hi Guys and Girls!

Finally the time has come and I have arrived in New Zealand.My name is Paul and I will be the first intern here at INTERNeX New Zealand. The place I call normally home is Breda in the Netherlands where I am studying International Leisure Management. My new home here in New Zealand is a beautiful house in a suburb of Auckland called Remuera where I live in a homestay with Sally, a very nice and hospitable woman and another intern on the INTERNeX program. I am very happy that INTERNex organised me this homestay and I am looking forward to live in this beautiful city. I hope that Working for INTERNeX New Zealand will give me the opportunity to be a part of the development of the INTERNeX WORLD group within the Auckland office which newest addition to the INTERNeX family and a chance to work and learn with my new KIWI boss Chris and to meeting all of YOU guys and girls as soon as possible.

See you soon