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Caro & Caro in Napier!

Hey guys…hope you had an awesome weekend. I have!

I spent the weekend with my friend Carolin from the INTERNeX hospitality program at Napier – a wonderful little Art Deco city! If you like architecture and wine you should definitely visit the Napier Region. You need to know that three years ago Caro had spent four month in Napier as an exchange student.

Arriving after a long bus ride at Napier we were picked up by Caro’s former guest parents, who offered us kindly to stay the weekend at their house.

First I was a bit skeptical but in the end there was no reason for it, because Ita and Peter (the guest parents) are the best thing that can happen to you, if you´re an exchange student. Friendly, easy-going, helpful and taking care about you in a really enjoyable way.

We had a nice long chat with Ita, who seems to never stop talking. She told us about all her memories with Carolin and all the other students, she had. We also talked about the upcoming wedding of her youngest son and the “outfit-problem” of Ita.

After a short stopover at Carolin’s old school we indulged in a delicious coffee from the award-winning café Cappadonna. Later I went on to the National Aquarium of New Zealand, where I met my first Kiwi and Tuatara, as well. It was really impressive to see these shy birds.

We used the late afternoon for a little bit shopping and spent hours in a shoe shop! Thanks to Peter we had the chance to try the Napier nightlife. He dropped us off at a nice place at the harbour with several bars, but in the beginning it was really empty. It started to get crowded when a lot of marines entered the “Thirsty whale”. In the beginning of the evening we couldn’t imagine that the night would last until2 am!

After a short visit at the market, on Saturday we made our way to the booked wine tour while still fighting with the effects of last night! The wine tasting was really good and professional but we were a little bit disappointed about the small chocolate pieces we got to taste at the chocolate factory and the small cheese board in the end.

However the vineyards were so beautiful and it was no problem to drink the wine…;-)  even if we still had a hangover. And cause we are always hungry we went on to “Brakers”, where Caro introduced me to the delicious Nachos with beef, been and baked with cheese.

Exhausted but happy we had a little walk back to our lovely guest parents and spent the evening with good talks and a lot of laughing.

So it became really hard to say goodbye on Sunday morning to these wonderful people who had been so great to us. But Ita offered me to come back any time and I really would like to see her again!

So guys if you have the chance, go to Napier – one of the places with a best weather guarantee in New Zealand.

Cheers, Caroline