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Stray Promo On Now !

Hi everyone,

Our partner Stray launched a new promo with awesome discounts on all the passes, going from 30 to 50%.

So if you book the Max pass before the 14th of may, the price will not be 1430NZ$ but 715$ on which we add a special INTERNeX discount of 5% making it at 679NZ$ !

And for the cherry on the top, you have now two FREE boat cruises included in the passes ! One in the Raglan Harbour normally worth 59$ and one in the Abel Tasman National Park normally worth 69$…

So don’t hesitate to talk to us to book your trip, you can contact us by mail at pr@internexnewzealand.com or even come visit us at the office.

Cheers, Robin.

PR-Department INTERNeX New Zealand.

MojoSurf Great Deal On Now !

Hi everyone,
I hope you are well wherever you are in the country,
We have just been told by our favourite surf company, MOJO, that they have a really good special on their 5 and 7 day learn to surf trips in March
This trip include transfers from Auckland to Opoutere, (a really beautiful white sand beach on the Coromandel), then to Raglan, one of the most famous surf spots in the world with its black sand beach, and then back to Auckland as well as very cool dorm accommodation (I have been to both spots and they are great!),  a local tour and surf guide, at least one 2 hour surf lesson per day (5 for the 5 days trip and 10 for the 7 days trip) the equipment (surfboard and wetsuit), and of course the company of other young like minded people from around the world.
Normally the 5 days trip is at 645NZ$ and the 7 days trip at 845NZ$   but with this deal, if you book and starts your trip before the end of March you get 150NZ$ off, making it at respectively at 495NZ$ and 695NZ$ and moreover if you book with INTERNeX we are going to give you 5% of this making the total cost $470 and $660. The Mojo mini coach leaves Auckland every Monday and brings you back on Friday or Sunday depending on your trip.
For the meals, at the beginning of the trip everyone on the bus pays a $100 food kitty and you go to the supermarket where the meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner are purchased for the whole trip. If you have special meal requests these are taken care of at this time.
So even if you never surfed before or you are already really good I can highly recommend this trip as it is really heaps of fun and a real taste of New Zealand.  My favourite part is Karioi Lodge where you stay in Raglan is amazing, set in the bush in the heights of Raglan with a sauna and a scenic point to relax in the evening… I can tell you all of that because I have been on this trip myself thanks to Chris who sent me on a famil trip last November.
The picture below was taken in Opoutere.

Opoutere beach
If you are interested, call us, email us or even visit us at the office !
Cheers, Robin

MOJO Surf Weekend : I’ve lost my Mojo.

Hi everyone,

As some of you may know, we are back from a trip to Opoutere on the East Coast and Raglan on the West Coast where we have been surfing and enjoying the sun… well almost.

We left Friday at 4:00PM in front of the Stray office on Fort St. for a three hours journey to Opoutere. On the road you could clearly see the rural side of New Zealand, far from the buzzing of Auckland.

Auckland to Opoutere

We arrived just before the sunset in the Opoutere YHA which is a really great backpackers hostel, for the view first, (on a protected bay with the ocean a bit further) but also for the features with table-tennis, volley-ball, free kayaks…

MOJO Surf Coach.

Sunset on Opoutere

MOJO Surf Famil Crew

The morning after we took some time to unpack the new surfboards arrived earlier at the hostel and we took the mini-coach to get into the action.

New Boards

Arrived on the car park, and after a 10 minutes walk in a little pine forest, we arrived on the beach. A long white sand beach surrounded by a forested reserve and a sand spit which is a breeding ground for several endangered species of sea birds like the “New Zealand Dotterel”.

First Lesson - Surf in Opoutere

After the basics safety instructions given by our two Raglan-born instructors, Hemy and Ryan, we jumped into a quite warm water and took the first waves. Not easy to stand-up but most of us reached it finally after several times. Quite exhausting to battle against the current but the feel of the wave pushing you is really awesome.

Surf in Opoutere

Another three hours journey and we arrive in Raglan to take the boat and have a scenic view of the harbour with the typical Pancake rocks.

Pancake rocks - Raglan

10 minute drive we arrived in Karioi Lodge, a backpackers hostel lost in the middle of the bush in Raglan heights. We arrived a bit too late to see the sunset this time but the next morning the sight was still pretty amazing even more from Inspiration point, a panorama point at just 5 minutes walking from the lodge where some come do their yoga on a wooden deck.

Karioi Lodge

Party Room - Karioi Lodge

Inspiration Point - Raglan

Then we took the mini-coach to go to the beach (this time a black sand beach due to the volcanic activity of the region) and take our second lesson where we could realize that everybody has already improved from yesterday. The rain took part in the game but as we were already wet, well it did not really have an impact on the fun…

It was already the end of our stay in Raglan and we had to head back to Auckland, hopefully we had a stop in a wonderful and accessible place Bridal Veil Falls, 55m high.

Bridal Veil Falls

Thanks a lot to all the MOJO Surf crew for this awesome weekend, and even if I still can’t say that Keanu Reeves is an amateur, we had a lot of fun !



Summer’s back, the boards are out !


Summer is back and even if those last two days have been rainy, it’s already the return of the surfing season !

And surfing in New Zealand is definitely a must-do. Apart from telling to your friends and family that Keanu Reeves in Point Break is now an amateur compared to you it’s a super experience that everybody enjoyed last year, in one of the best spots of New Zealand : Raglan.

Raglan 1.-3.4.11

Usually at 299$, the price dropped to 289$ for a student special price, including : the transfer to Raglan and back to Auckland, one night accommodation in a dorm share, a BBQ dinner, a continental breakfast, and of course the surf lessons with the wetsuit and the board hire.

As there are currently quite a lot of interns in Auckland, we would like to try to have you altogether on this surf weekend. So let us know if you would like to take the wave and if the weekend of the 19th of November suits you. Of course you can do the surftrip any other weekend as well and you’ll meet lots of great people on the bus anyway.

Most of you have never surfed, me included, and so don’t worry to be apart,  and even if you are not going into 4 meters high water tubes, you can still expect to have really good sensations.

If you want more infos, don’t hesitate to drop us a mail at pr@internexnewzealand.com.

Cheers, Robin

P.S : I think you have heard about the oil slick that is happening right now off Tauranga coasts and which is really a huge environmental disaster for the country, with no doubt the worst in its history. Raglan is not concerned by it so no problem for the surf weekend, but if you want to help I will keep you informed soon on this blog and on facebook for the volunteer options.

PR-Department, INTERNeX New Zealand.

Lets tell you something about an awesome trip!

Hey all!

Hope you guys are fine and enjoy your time in New Zealand. Maybe you are already thinking about traveling after your workexperience or during a break.

As you may have noticed I do this a lot and in every way you can imagine. And last week I had the possibility to travel with Stray. Paul and I went on a Stray trip with some other guys from the travel industry in New Zealand and Australia.


We got a really good impression of what it means to get “Further off the beaten track”. Seeing some really unique places around the central North Island that makes Stray such a great tour company.

We started our five days full of action in Raglan, where we had been Surfing in Winter and met the owner of the amazing lodge Charlie and his wife on a beautiful sunset cruise in the Raglan harbour.


The next day we went to The Waitomo caves, doing climbing, abseiling and crawling through really small places in the caves. For me it was one of the biggest challenges I have ever confronted in my life and definite must-do!

After everyone got dry again we made our way to the East Coast of New Zealand. In just 5 hours we crossed this wonderful country and ended up at a traditional Maori marae (meeting house) Here we watched a Maori cultural show, enjoyed a typical Hangi meal and all slept together in the marae.


On the third day we went on to the National Park, stopping at a secret place for swimming in the hot river and visiting the Huka falls. We made a short walk in the beautiful and impressive Tongariro National Park and after a delicious dinner in the National Park Lodge we celebrated the Birthday of our fellow travellers.


The last day we went on to the amazing new overnight stop of Stray – the Blue Duck Lodge – where we met Dan and his crew again. He and his team made our stay an unforgettable outdoor adventure again. After doing a whole bunch of activities like Jetboatriding, 4-wheel-driving and clay-pigeon shooting a lot of us thought about coming back to this hidden and unique place in New Zealand one day again in the future.


Exhausted but happy and full of new ideas we came back to Auckland on Sunday. With a lot of new friends and satisfied I can say travelling this way is really safe, adventurous and definitely a lot of fun.


So if you like to have an organised holiday with many possibilities for activity and unique adventures you should hop on a Stray bus. You can ask me any questions about Stray and if you want to book a trip you can book it with us here at INTERNeX as well.

Thanks to the Stray-team for a wonderful trip!



Cheers, Caro


The very last chance for an amazing Surf-weekend with Mojo this season!

Dear all!

This weekend the Mojo surf-season will come to an end so it’s most likely your last chance to learn or improve your surfing for quite a while.

Over the past few weeks 10 INTERNeX people have taken the trip and we have had a lot of positive feedback about this amazing weekend. At the Easter weekend trip one girl had such a good time that she has booked to go again this weekend.

Not only that because it’s the last weekend, we have a very special price of $299 which includes, transportation to and from Raglan with an awesome guide, all meals except the first nights dinner, up to 3 surf lessons over the weekend with an experienced surf teacher for about 2 hours each time, accommodation in a lodge at Raglan sharing with your surf group and a lot of fun whether it’s raining or sunshine.

So, for all of you who thought about booking the trip, now it’s the best possibility to do it, a great price and we have just been told the conditions look good this weekend for learning to surf.

So if you want to go or want to go again, don’t hesitate, just book via mail at pr@internexnewzealand.com or contact us if you need more information.



Friday, 29.4.11 – Sunday, 01.05.11





Surfboard Hire (includes the gear)


& a lot of fun with the funny Mojo-Surf-Crew


only 299 bucks!!!

What a good idea to spend a weekend out of town. Try something new and explore the Kiwi Surfstyle.


Caroline & Paul


contact: pr@internexnewzealand.com

* except Friday evening

Easter Surf Trip – Reminder!

Hi All,

We just wanted to remind you about the awesome Surf- Trip on the Easter weekend!

It is the last chance this year for you to get such a cheap as opportunity to go to Raglan with the Mojo-Crew and enjoy a whole weekend full of surfing, fun and entertainment.

Here is just a short summary of the Special Easter Trip:

When is it?

Friday, 22.4.11 – Monday, 25.4.11

What is included?

Meals, Accommodation, Surf-lessons, Surfboard Hire (includes the gear), Transportation, Free Entry to a concert in Raglan on Saturday night!

How much you need to pay?

We give you one day for free plus another 20% on the regular price which makes it the incredibly cheap amount of 319(!!!) bucks for the whole weekend.

For more information feel free to contact us vial email or check out the previous blog post on internexnewzealand.wordpress.com.

We hope you will decide to take this amazing opportunity to go surfing with the funny MOJO-Crew and we hope to see you tomorrow night downtown!


Caroline & Paul