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Winter in New Zealand

Winter is definitely settling in here in NZ! Looking to plan a winter adventure, kiwi style? We’ve put together a list of reasons why NZ in winter is awesome:

  1. Less queues and no peak pricing: One of the great things about travelling New Zealand in winter is that it’s considered the ‘low season’, meaning you can check out some of the biggest tourist hotspots and avoid those crazy summer queues! Note: Avoid the school holidays if you can, as these tend to be busier times. https://www.govt.nz/browse/education/school-and-college/2016-school-holidays/
  1. Whale watching in Kaikoura: While sperm whales hang out in the Kaikoura coast all year round, come winter the humpback, pilot, blue and southern right whales stop by on their way from the Antarctic to the tropics! June to August is the best times to see them, plus with the added bonus of the beautiful snow capped mountain scenery.
  1. Hanmer Springs: Hanmer springs is located between Christchurch and Kaikoura, and is considered one of New Zealand’s best hot springs resorts. With picturesque scenery surrounded by snow-capped mountains, the famous thermal pools and spa (co.nz) are a beautiful place to relax.
  1. Queenstown: Know as the adventure capital of NZ, Queenstown is the perfect place for a winter adventure! With world class ski fields, beautiful scenery, bars, ski-touring and more, you’ll be sure to see some of the best winter scenery there is to offer.
  1. Baby Seals in Kaikoura!: The perfect spot for the animal lovers among us. There is a waterfall located 15 minutes north of Kaikoura (Ohau Waterfall Walk) which is filled with baby seals during the winter months 🙂
  1. For the snow sport lovers: NZ is home to 18 commercially operated ski fields. The three main regions that are popular among tourists are Mount Ruapehu (in the central North Island), the Southern Lakes (Queenstown and Wanaka in the South Island), and Mount Hutt (near Christchurch in the South Island).
  1. Ohakune Mardi Gras: Known to be the premier winter street party of the season, this is an awesome way to welcome the cooler months with local and international artists, street performance, fireworks, and an atmosphere like no other. For ticket information and more see: http://ohakunemardigras.co.nz/#_

NOTE: Stay safe on our roads. Be sure to take extra care on road trips, especially in winter where the roads are often icy. Make sure to check the conditions before beginning your journey, ensure your car is road safe with all defrosters, heaters, indicators, lights, tires, etc. are all in good working order.

We’d love to hear about your winter adventures. Let us know what you’ve got planned for the upcoming winter months in the comment box below.


Where did you spend the weekend?

Hey guys,

Did you have an exciting weekend in Auckland or where have you been?

We spend it on the road…

Without a GPS we decided to make a Roadtrip to a region in New Zealand which is ignored by most of the tourists…

Saturday, 6:15 am

We started really early to get the most out of this trip. But we were stopped really soon cause one of our fellows didn’t want to get up…so we had to wait…It wasn’t too bad ..just 20 minutes later..we laughed about it and made our way south at daybreak. The first stop we made at one of the beautiful surfbeaches near Urenui.

We went on to the beautiful Lake Mangamahoe and visited Tupare afterwards. It’s one of New Zealand’s most beautiful and distinctive gardens and also in winter worth seeing.

In New Plymouth we spent a lot of time in the famous Pukekura Park and got lost in it while searching the giant Ginkgo…but it was fun to find the way back to the car park. There’s really much to see in New Plymouth and of course we couldn’t do everything in one day but also had a short look at the famous Wind Wand at the coast while sitting in Arborio Café in the building of famous Puke Ariki Museum. Definitly check this out, if you plan to go there. We didn’t do this cause we decided to see the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, which was impressive and if you like movies that’s the right place to go. You can choose between a big range of New Zealand made films and watch them in the Gallery.


But that’s not everything, we also visited the oldest stone church in New Zealand, St. Mary’s and in the twilight we climbed the really, really steep Paritutu Rock. Arriving on top we had a wonderful look-out, changing our cameras between the famous Mt. Taranaki on the one side and the sunset over the sea on the other side.










After this long and exciting day, we arrived at the lovely little Sunflower Lodge with a familiar atmosphere at 7:00 pm. We were just able to cook some pasta and relax before we went to bed early.


Sunday, 8:30 am

Most of the way ahead, we started our road trip along the coast on the famous Surf Highway around the Vulcano. We were sooo lucky because we had the best weather you could imagine for our plans.  Amongst all the photo-stops was also the side trip to Cape Egmont and the Lighthouse. And on our way round Taranaki there was always this Mountain that came up for heaps of pictures. In Opunake we left the Surf Highway to get closer to the Mount and made our way to the famous Dawson Falls. We walked a short Round Trip and were amazed by steaming streets, the mystic falls and the magic of this Vulcano.


The walk gave us new energy for the next stages of our trip. We continued the way to Stratford where we provided us with food before entering the next famous Highway: The Forgotten World Highway. Yep, we think this Highway is a little bit underestimated cause we enjoyed it in the late afternoon sun and it was absolutely amazing, especially the first stop, the Strathmore Saddle. We could see the snowcovered Mountains of Tongariro National Park on the one side and the Mt. Taranaki on the other side. Awesome!

But we also know now what forgotten world highway means now. We couldn’t resist the temptation to make a side trip to the “Bridge to Somewhere” on unsealed road and through tunnels. It took us about 40 minutes to get there and it felt like we were driving in the absolutely nowhere. It was lonely but a great experience especially to drive the car. This is also the reason why we drove most of the Highway in the dark, which was a lot more forgotten to go through nowhere where landslips, winding roads and dense fog made the journey really mystical.

So we arrived back in Auckland around midnight and were really happy to go to sleep after this long and challenging day.

Our result…damn happy to have seen this place!

Tell us what you think about this or where you spend your weekend and check out http://www.flickr.com/photos/42564157@N06/sets/72157627219523290/for more pictures!

Cheers, Caro

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