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Picture of the week…

Hey all!

This week I want to crown a picture which was literally lying directly on the streets of Auckland, exactly in the district Ponsonby.

Look at this cute little dog in front of the Letham gallery in Ponsonby. If you go with open eyes through the city you don´t have to go that far for seeing some beautiful spots.


How about spending a day in one of Auckland’s nicest districts? There is heaps to see and to explore as the Picture shows.

So even if you are not an art-freak you should have a look at one of the galleries. They shelter a huge range of modern and decorative art. Letham (http://www.lethamgallery.co.nz/HOME.html) and Smyth gallery (http://www.smythgalleries.co.nz/Stock-Room/) are just examples for art exhibited in characteristic houses, creating the special flair of Ponsonby.

On a sunny day you can also experience the art outdoors at “Western Park” located at the end of Ponsonby Road. Here you can see some artistic park furniture created by a local silversmith and sculptures made by John Redford located in the frontage of Ponsonby Road. Since 1874 the Park follows a design concept called ‘Lily of the Valley’.

There is also a viewing platform – looking to the harbour – at the southern end of the park.

But if you don’t like art at all you can have a look at Ponsonby Road Market, that is taking place every Saturday from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm. You can find a lot of individual stuff in one of the tiny designer stores as well as average shops. And the best thing is you could go shopping when it’s raining due to the roofed shopping street on each side of the road.















But should I tell you the best thing about this area? This are the cafes…you can sit in affectionately furnished restaurants with nice backyards. They have the best bakeries and cafes there. Check out Ripe and Il Forno. And if you don’t like coffee, there are lots of bars, as well…;-) But convince yourself and spend a day in Ponsonby.

You could get there easily and quickly with the Link bus (http://www.linkbus.co.nz/), which makes it flexible and spontaneous and you don´t have to plan anything.

Have a nice weekend!

See ya in Ponsonby..;-)

Cheers, Caro

Queens Birthday weekend in Auckland…

Hey all!

Hope you had a nice and relaxed long Queens-Birthday-weekend. I will tell you what I have done.

Saturday was quite reaxed, just did some organising stuff and getting prepared for the winter with a thermos flask.

Later in the evening I enjoyed some movies while tasting a nice New Zealand wine with my flatmates.

On the sunny Sunday me and a friend went to Howick to visit the Historical Village there, which was really impressive. When you see all these old houses, you can’t imagine that people lived in this way just 150 years ago with nothing to do in the evenings. We talked to the woman – who is welcoming all of the visitors- and asked her, what the people did in the cold, dark winter evenings. She answered, that they just went to bed. This seems to be unimaginable, also when you see the old pictures of Auckland, which was pretty rural and small in the old times. But the Historical Village is a really good idea for a day out of Auckland – full of history!

If you need more information, please visit http://www.fencible.org.nz/ .

Monday, Queens Birthday, I used to go shopping at the outlet shopping center Dress Smart in Onehunga! I was successful like girls always are, when they go shopping…;-) But it was really crowded….so the better way for a relaxed shopping expedition would be during the week.

So I hope you also had a successful weekend and if you want to know more about how to get to these places just contact me.

Have a nice start in the week and see you all at the next PuB NiGHT.

Cheers, Caro

What did you do on your weekend?

Hi All,

I hope you all had a fun and exciting weekend!

My weekend started with a great night out which included watching the Royal Wedding, checking out some nice bars, meeting a many friends and having a lot of fun!

After that massive party night I decided to get out my flat and visit one of the most famous memorial places in Auckland – One Tree Hill – a 182 metre volcanic peak.

I heard about this spot a couple of times and I always passed the hill on my way to work when still used to live out of town.

Finally a friend of mine and I decided to climb this hill.

On our way to One Tree Hill we stopped in Onehunga where you have a great shopping opportunity because they have a big factory outlet shopping centre with sweet as reduced clothes. (check out www.dress-smart.co.nz if you feel like spending a day in a shopping mall!)

After a nice and successful speed shopping experience,  we continued our journey even if it was a very windy and rainy sunday. We walked up the hill through the beautiful parks which surround the hill and after a 30 minute walk we reached the top of the hill.

On the top you have beautiful view over the whole super city and the sea.

For detailed information about the history of One Tree Hill I recommend to check out www.cornwallpark.co.nz while listening to the song One Tree Hill by the famous band U2.

I absolutely enjoyed this walk and especially the view on top of the hill and I definitely recommend it to all of you guys if you haven’t been up there already!

Have a great start into the week!