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What to do on sunday?

What to do on Sunday?

Sunday could be a day, that you lie all day in bed, watch some movies, eat a lot of chocolate, drink you hangover away with more beer, but noooooo that will be not this Sunday.

This Sunday we will go with a group of INTERNeX to Mission Bay, just 15 minutes with the buss from Auckland. That means it only cost $4 dollars to come there.  You have some beautiful beaches over there, some cool hiking trips and more and more and more.

It does depends on the wetter what we will do there, but you also have there a lot of restaurants, pubs and some inside activities, like sea life.

It will be fun if you join us!

If you would like to come, leave a message on the facebook or send a message to luus (+642108395428)  and we will keep you up to date

See you Sunday!