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Cross the Tasman !

Hi everyone, even if some of you are back to work (including me) after some weeks of travelling, it can still be time to plan the next ones ! And one idea would be to take the plane and go overseas.

Air New Zealand is having special promotions for 48 hours on flights to Australia.

Three hours on the plane and you can be in Sydney or Melbourne, relaxing on Bondi beach or hiking in the outback.

As Australia is quite close from New Zealand, it is a good occasion to pay a visit to the land of the Kangaroos !

Here is the link to the deal : http://www.airnewzealand.co.nz/special-deals-australia#48-hour-aussie-deals

Cheers, Robin

PR-Department INTERNeX New Zealand.

Cross the Tasman !

Hi everyone,

As I was planning my holidays to Australia to visit a friend, I have been looking for some special deals and the most interessant I found has been one with Air New Zealand where you can cross the Tasman e.g to Sydney for less than 375$NZ, it’s really cheap and I think I won’t find anything more interessant, and it’s even cheaper if you fly with their partner Pacific Blue (well it’s not the same comfort but I don’t really care for only three hours…)

If you want to spend some holidays in Australia too, I advise you to hurry because the deal ends soon and the other companies fares are more around 430$NZ or 450$NZ.

I hope everything is well for you.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email us (pr@internexnewzealand.com) or call me (0221 089 664).

Cheers, Robin.

PR-Department INTERNeX.