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Do you know?

Hey guys!

Hope you’re doing well here in New Zealand and enjoy the time. I have some interesting facts about the country you are living in. Some of them you may have known before but I am sure some are new and maybe surprising!

Do you know….?

Wellington, the Capital City of New Zealand is the southernmost capital city in the world.

New Zealand was the first major nation to have universal suffrage. In 1893 it became legal for all male and female citizens of New Zealand to vote.

New Zealander and Nobel Prize Winner, Ernest Rutherford is known as the father of nuclear physics for his orbital theory of the atom.

The Otaga wineries constitute the southernmost wine-growing area in the world. New Zealand wines are drunk young, with pinot noirs and sauvignon blanc being particularly outstanding. Hawke’s Bay and Marlborough are the two largest wine regions.

The Sky Tower in Auckland is with 328 m the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere.

In 1840 NZ became the first country to put into effect the 8 hour working day.

New Zealanders are getting married older. The latest statistics show that the median ages of men and women get married for the first time is 29.9 and 28.1 years. These brides and grooms married, on average, nine years older than their parents did.

Little known amongst facts about New Zealand is that 22% of its residents were born overseas. This compares with 24% in Australia, 20% in Canada, 12% in the USA and 8% in the UK.

The indigenous Maori people make up about 15% of the population.

More rainbow trout in the 2kg to 3kg category are caught annually in New Zealand than in the rest of the world put together.

Have a nice start into the week!

Cheers, Caro

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