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Goobye New Zealand

Hey everyone…I wanna say thank you and goodbye for a really great time in New Zealand and at INTERNeX.


I had the possibility to learn a lot about working in another country under new circumstances and also found a lot of new friends due to my workplace. I loved the possibilty to implemet my own ideas and help to set up a new business. I am also really proud to develop and establish our Traveldesk and the Pubnight and I am sure Robin, our new intern will go on with it really good.

I wish you all a great time like me in New Zealand, enjoy your stay and don’t forget to travel! This is the best way to get familiar with this country. I know what I am talking about…;-)


My time in New Zealand wouldn’t be the same, if I hadn’t worked at INTERNeX.


So thanks to everyone making my stay here to an unforgettable experience. INTERNeX will keep on to do the same for you.


Goodbye, Caroline


Picture of the week

Hey guys,

I would like to to introduce our new category “Picture of the week” to you. The topic this week is “You and your workexperience” in New Zealand. So take a picture of you while you are working and send it to pr@internexnewzealand.com and you can win tickets for the next Rugby game as Philipp did last week.

Last day for enter the competition is Friday, 27th of May.

So maybe you are the next one sitting in the stadium!


Caroline & Paul

PR-Team INTERNeX New Zealand