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Piha Beach

What to do on a nice day? Let’s go to Piha!

Just a 1 hour drive from Auckland and you get to see the nature change from city to the beautiful beach of Piha. The drive takes you through the mountains and once you are on the other side you will see an amazing view of the beach!


It is a long beach so ideal if you enjoy beach walks and it also has a giant rock in the middle of the beach which is called Lion Rock (because the shape of the rock replicates a lion!). It is an ideal place to chill, you can sit there for hours just taking in the scenery. T

This is also a beach where the surf is quite good but be careful as it can be a dangerous beach with strong rips and swells. On the weekends there are surf life savers so remember to swim/surf between the flags.

During our walk along the beach we got to see lots of sea life including a sea star, mussels and small fish!


A couple of minutes walk away from the beach you will also ind the KiteKite track, which is a really nice hiking track to a waterfall! Once you enter the track you are immediately in a different world. You will walk through the forest and up the mountain to finally see the waterfall from the bottom. You can also choose to hike another 15 minutes to the top where you will see different pools that you can swim in.


If you would like it to be more adventurous you can also book an abseiling tour down the waterfall, Just get in touch to ask how!

All this together is just an amazing place that you must visit!!

Visit Rotorua!!

Ever wanted to see a thermal area? Or are you really adventurous? Then take a visit to Rotorua. Rotorua the city for all kinds of activities, but also the area where you can enjoy the beautiful thermal wonders of New Zealand and from our own experience we can say that Rotorua is amazing.


Some of the activities you can do in Rotorua (also called Rotovegas due to of all its activities and nightlife) are zorbing, rafting, canopy tours, luge and even more. One of the activities I did myself is taking the gondola up to Skyline Rotorua. There on top of the mountain you can do luge and as it is on top of the mountain you are racing down over a great track but also with an amazing view. It was just a moment of laughing a lot!

After this amazing fun experience, we both wanted to go into the nature a bit more and see those amazing lakes were everybody talks about. So we booked a half-day trip to Wai-O-Tapu Termal Wonderland. With this trip we saw the biggest mud pool of Rotorua, the pool where all the mud mask of Rotorua are coming from.


After that we went to Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland. There we made our first round through the park, and unless the bad smell, it has the most beautiful spots that I have ever seen. In the park you can see all the geothermal activity, which creates for example the champagne pool.


After this amazing visit in the geothermal park, we went to one of the geysers, namely Lady Knox Geyser. To see the eruption. And after that we had time to go into Wai-O-Tapu again and also to swim in one of the hot water pools, which is also an unbelievable experience.

That’s why I can definitely recommend to go Rotorua and enjoy all their activities as well as their beautiful nature!


If you guys have any other questions, or plans to visit Rotorua and do all kinds of activities, just let us know ( and we will help you!



Visit Waiheke!

Spring is already here and it won’t take long before the weather gets better and we all can enjoy summer in New Zealand. During the summer there are a lot of beautiful places you can visit nearby Auckland. 40 minutes away from Auckland is Waiheke Island. Waiheke Island is the second largest island in the golf after Great Barrier Island. To visit Waiheke Island you take the ferry from Auckland to Waiheke and it costs $36 for a return ticket.


There are a lot of things to do on the island and because the island is really big we recommended that you rent a car or a scooter so you can see many beautiful spots on the island. If you don’t have your driver license or you don’t want to rent a car or scooter, it is also possible to go by bus and there are many busses that run tours around the island which is also a great way to meet people if you are traveling alone.

One of the most popular things in Waiheke is winetasting. There are a lot of wine tours organized everyday where you are going to visit multiple vineyards and of course where you can taste many wines.

When I’m thinking about Waiheke I’m thinking about beautiful long beaches with the most amazing views. One of the largest and touristic beaches is Onetangi beach, it is halfway the north of the island and the view you have over the ocean is so beautiful! Just spent a day at the beach and enjoy the nature. But don’t forget to stay until the sunset, especially when the cloud is bright, because that’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.


When you want to know something about Waiheke or you have plans to visit but you still have some questions, don’t hesitate to send us an email to We would love to help you guys!

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