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Keep on travelling!

Hey guys,

The winter is slowly passing by and every body is still working hard for some travel time. If that sounds like you be lucky, cause you’re doing right! Most travel companies have good winter deals and if you wanna travel in a comfortable way with a lot of cool people think about the Stray Passes. They are on Sale now as well, so check it out.

Find the right  Pass at or come to the NTERNeX office for help.

You save 40%  with all Passes over $700. And if your stay is over soon and you have to travel now you can additionally grab the 2 for 1 Activity deal. Just bear in mind that this amazing pass prices are just valid until August 15th, 2011 and the 2 for 1 deal until 31st August.

MAX  $745
MOE  $753
BRET $768
DAVE  $642
ARTHUR  $612
Q  $477
RON $564



If you have any questions contact me for more information. And we will help you to have an unforgettable stay in New Zealand!

Have a great weekend!

Cheers, Caro

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Do you already know…?

Hey guys,

New in Auckland? Wanna go out and have no idea where? It’s the middle of the week, let’s celebrate it!

Today I recommend the Library Bar cause they have Live Music every last Wednesday of the month. And the best is, it’s free. Last month we had been there on our INTERNeX PuB NiGHT, but we missed the music. So make sure that you aren’t late! The event starts officially at 7:30 pm, but you can easily make your way earlier to the bar and have some nice Tapas or just enjoy the unique ambiance of the Bar.

So go and have an unforgettable night at the Libraray Bar!

What? Live at The Library Bar

When? Today, July 27th at 7.30 pm

Where? The Library, 1 Pakenham Street East, Viaduct Harbour

Admission? Free

More information:

Wish you all a wonderful rest of the week and hope to see you Friday!

Cheers, Caro

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Get ready for the jubilee of the INTERNeX New Zealand PuB NiGHT!

Hey guys!


Can’t believe that but we will already celebrate the 10th PuB NiGHT. And we take this as motive to make a special out of it. We change the location – we change the day and we increase the fun!


So this PuB NiGHT will take place on Friday, 29th July and we will meet at Danny Doolans at 6 pm for having Never Ending Nachos and Live Music. Would be nice if you give a short feedback about you attendance.


So come around and celebrate this 10th PuB NiGHT with a lot of friends.



When? Friday, July 29th at 6.00 pm

Where? Danny Doolans, 204 Quay Street


Can’t wait to see you all at the 10th PuB NiGHT on Friday.




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Young and New – musicians in New Zealand!

Yesterday I have been at the Competition for the Songwriter of the Year  from the Auckland University, which inspired me to tell you about some awesome newcoming musicians of  New Zeland.


The competition  took place at the Kenneth Myers Centre where 12 qualified musicians performed two songs each. The finalists will perform at the Maidment Theatre on the 29th of September. So if you are still here and love good handmade music you should definitely go there, cause what is a musician without an audience.


When the two friends of mine and I entered the room we could feel the creative atmosphere of all the music students in the audience and the tightness because of the presence of the judges.

So we sat down and listened to the compositions of the students.

Out of all the performances there where two artists which I really liked and I can’t forget about their music.


The one was Emma Penty. Before she starts to play her two songs she was already entertaining the crowd in an enjoyable way. And when she started her music it was really astonishing for us what you could do with just a keyboard and your voice. Wow… some really new and breathtaking music in the electro-pop section. If you wanna check her music go on or contact her on facebook.


If you aren’t that enthusiastic about electronic and experimental music you may like the second one. Sam Allen is a singer songwriter from Auckland. And he performed his two songs with a guitar and the support of his friend at the piano and the bass. His remarkable good music and passion for it drag you along. As a fan of acoustic music you should check his music on facebook:

And if you like it you can easily support him just by pushing the LIKE button and going to the Grand Final at the 29th of September. Yeah, cause he made it into the final and could be the Songwriter of the Year 2011.


I hope this are some inspiring facts for you guys. Defy the rain and refresh your music database!


Have a great weekend!


Cheers, Caro

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(Fun)Picture of the week(end)!

You don’t have any ideas which souvenir to buy? I found a really funny and cheap ones at Envirofur in Mahoe, Taranaki. They fabricate a huge range of products out of Possums cause they are a really pest here in New Zealand. And with buying this stuff  you help to support the reduction of a huge environmental problem…;-)


Have you also found some strange souvenirs or any recommendations what would be really a good idea to bring?

Cheers, Caro

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Where did you spend the weekend?

Hey guys,

Did you have an exciting weekend in Auckland or where have you been?

We spend it on the road…

Without a GPS we decided to make a Roadtrip to a region in New Zealand which is ignored by most of the tourists…

Saturday, 6:15 am

We started really early to get the most out of this trip. But we were stopped really soon cause one of our fellows didn’t want to get up…so we had to wait…It wasn’t too bad ..just 20 minutes later..we laughed about it and made our way south at daybreak. The first stop we made at one of the beautiful surfbeaches near Urenui.

We went on to the beautiful Lake Mangamahoe and visited Tupare afterwards. It’s one of New Zealand’s most beautiful and distinctive gardens and also in winter worth seeing.

In New Plymouth we spent a lot of time in the famous Pukekura Park and got lost in it while searching the giant Ginkgo…but it was fun to find the way back to the car park. There’s really much to see in New Plymouth and of course we couldn’t do everything in one day but also had a short look at the famous Wind Wand at the coast while sitting in Arborio Café in the building of famous Puke Ariki Museum. Definitly check this out, if you plan to go there. We didn’t do this cause we decided to see the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, which was impressive and if you like movies that’s the right place to go. You can choose between a big range of New Zealand made films and watch them in the Gallery.


But that’s not everything, we also visited the oldest stone church in New Zealand, St. Mary’s and in the twilight we climbed the really, really steep Paritutu Rock. Arriving on top we had a wonderful look-out, changing our cameras between the famous Mt. Taranaki on the one side and the sunset over the sea on the other side.










After this long and exciting day, we arrived at the lovely little Sunflower Lodge with a familiar atmosphere at 7:00 pm. We were just able to cook some pasta and relax before we went to bed early.


Sunday, 8:30 am

Most of the way ahead, we started our road trip along the coast on the famous Surf Highway around the Vulcano. We were sooo lucky because we had the best weather you could imagine for our plans.  Amongst all the photo-stops was also the side trip to Cape Egmont and the Lighthouse. And on our way round Taranaki there was always this Mountain that came up for heaps of pictures. In Opunake we left the Surf Highway to get closer to the Mount and made our way to the famous Dawson Falls. We walked a short Round Trip and were amazed by steaming streets, the mystic falls and the magic of this Vulcano.


The walk gave us new energy for the next stages of our trip. We continued the way to Stratford where we provided us with food before entering the next famous Highway: The Forgotten World Highway. Yep, we think this Highway is a little bit underestimated cause we enjoyed it in the late afternoon sun and it was absolutely amazing, especially the first stop, the Strathmore Saddle. We could see the snowcovered Mountains of Tongariro National Park on the one side and the Mt. Taranaki on the other side. Awesome!

But we also know now what forgotten world highway means now. We couldn’t resist the temptation to make a side trip to the “Bridge to Somewhere” on unsealed road and through tunnels. It took us about 40 minutes to get there and it felt like we were driving in the absolutely nowhere. It was lonely but a great experience especially to drive the car. This is also the reason why we drove most of the Highway in the dark, which was a lot more forgotten to go through nowhere where landslips, winding roads and dense fog made the journey really mystical.

So we arrived back in Auckland around midnight and were really happy to go to sleep after this long and challenging day.

Our result…damn happy to have seen this place!

Tell us what you think about this or where you spend your weekend and check out more pictures!

Cheers, Caro

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Short & skimpy – weekend tips!


What? Agwa Nightcap Winter Festival

When? Friday, 15. July, 10:00pm – 5:00am

Where? Studio, 340 Karangahape Rd,Newton

Admission? 1st Release: $39.90

Category? Dancing

More infos:



What? The Adults – July NZ Tour

When? Saturday, 16. July, 8:00pm

Where? The Bacco Room, 53 Nelson St,Auckland

Admission? General admission: $37.50

Category? Live Music

More infos:



What? St Heliers Bay Mid-Winter Christmas Market

When? Sunday, 17. July, 10:00am – 3:00pm

Where? Tamaki Ex-Services Association Hall, Cnr Turua St & Polygon Rd, St Heliers

Admission? Free

Category? Market


I wish you all an exciting and funny weekend!

Cheers, Caro

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