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INTERNeX New Zealand: Bay of Islands 2015

Kia Ora Everybody! We hope you had a great weekend, because we definitely did with an amazing Stray tour up to the Bay of Islands!

On Saturday the 11th of April, Me (Yoran), Esmerlin, Joyce and two INTERNeX Participants started our great weekend full of fun. Our stray driver Muesli picked us up in front of the Stray office in Auckland at 7:20 AM (damn that was early).

On our way to the Bay of Islands we made several stops. We stopped a few times to use the toilet of course, but we also stopped at a huge Kauri Tree to do some tree hugging. After that, we stopped at a cute little farmers market to grab some breakfast.

In the bus on our way up to the Bay of Islands, our driver was just explaining what kinds of activities we could do on Saturday and Sunday. He was explaining a Hole in the rock tour with the possibility of seeing some dolphins, another boat tour, and then he told us that we could also do a Skydive…

Of course, as badass as we are, we just decided to do it and 2 hours later we jumped out of an airplane…

Joyce Skydive

The same night we had a great BBQ for only $12, and the next day we just decided to take it easy, take a ferry to the first capital city of New Zealand (Russell), and just walk around and let the beautiful view sink in. If you want to see any more pictures, take a look on our Facebook Page! (Link at the bottom)

We want to thank Stray for this great weekend!

If you have anything that you would like to do, and you would like to do it in a group, let us know! You can send us a private message on our Facebook Page, or you can email us!

Facebook:     https://www.facebook.com/INTERNeXNZ?ref=hl

E-mail:           pr@internexnewzealand.com

Stray bus – East Bro

Fantastic, amazing, great, cool, gorgeous, EAST BRO!

East bro definitely belongs in this list of words, why? Because it is something magical. East bro is another trip you can make  on the North Island if you are in New Zealand. Stray is the only bus company who offers this trip, what makes it extra special. Not a lot of people have went to the east coast even not the Kiwi people, what makes it even more special. A big part of people who lives on the east coast is Maori. So if you are looking for the real cultural New Zealand sport, GO THERE! A good thing to know they only offer this trip in the summer, it starts on 3th of November and the last trip leaves on the 30th of April. They leave on Wednesday and Sundays from Rotorua. Luus and Lies went from the 25th of October till the 28th of October. They recommended you to stay at least four days, but you can always stay longer off course.

What I already mentioned it is a great place to go if you are looking for the Maori culture. All they owners of the hostels were we stayed were Maori people, so you can expected really friendly people and amazing food! The first stop we make was just outside Gisborne on a place just next to the beach. We had a great dinner there with some fresh crayfish and mussels. After the dinner we drunk some beers, make a fire, listen to some guitar music, in other words we were having a great time!

The plan was to go not that late to bed, because of the sunrise the next morning but because the atmosphere was so good we just had a short night. Especially when we wanted to go to bed an one of the guys offer us a sheep tail and yeah you don’t say no to that. It was a, extraordinary experience to eat a sheep tail.

The next morning was a little bit harder after a few hours sleep, but the beautiful sunrise makes us forgot our tiredness. What makes the sunrise in Gisborne so special, well it is the first sunrise in the world. While the sun was burning on our skin, we were going to feed the stingrays, what is a funny thing to do. The biggest one was 2.5m span, so imagine that is bigger than a person. The stingray were really sweet and they were eating the fish from your hand, what feels quite funny. After feeding the stingray, we went to the most natural rockslide I have ever seen. It is a 60meter rockslide in the middle of the river. So we  brought some wetsuits and tubes and there we go off the 60meter rockslide, a lots of fun!

On our way to the next hostel we made a stop at the pier, who was the longest pier in New Zealand. And off course you can’t leave before you jumped of the pier. In the evening we arrived at our new hostel, an old monastic. The food was really good there as well, chicken, sweet potatoes, etc and a delicious desert. The next morning we had to wake up early for a creative workshop. You could choose from flagging, bone carving or greenstone carving. We both choose the flagging, but it was a hard decision because all the workshops seems to be fun. You can see on the pictures the results. After the workshop it was time for something active and we climb up the hill to see the lighthouse and the great view around it. Time flies when you are having fun, so after the lighthouse we already need to go to the next hostel. One off the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. A fantastic house next to the beach. Were you can do a lot of fun activities, like shark diving, surfing, canoeing, swimming, snorkelling, boat cruises etc. that sounds good fun huh?! And the best part is they have a lot of cheap activities. You only pay $30 for a boat cruise including meal and $10 for rent a surfboard and a lot more good deals. For all the hostels you only pay $25 and believe me they are totally worth the money. So are you interested in this trip, come to the Internex office and we will book it for you with a discount off 5%!

For more information look at the website:


Or come to our office and we help you further!


Luus and Lies


INTERNeX New Zealand: STRAY trip north Island

Hi there,

Wow, wow, wow, what an awesome trip was that. Last week Luus and I went on a trip to the North Island with the STRAY bus. For so far we only had seen Auckland, what we really enjoyed, but it was really fun to see the real stuff of New Zealand, the Nature!

It was an week full of amazing activities, STRAY did a really good job! We went on a trip from the 18th till the 22th of September. It was an trip around the north island of New Zealand. We will tell you about every stop we made, to get a good view from what we did and what you also can do!

Wednesday we left from the office off stray early in the morning, so we still had the hole day. We first drove to a supermarket, so don’t worry if you’re not prepared (as we did). After the supermarket we made a quick stop at an beautiful waterfall from eleven meters high. Then we drove to the highlight from that day namely Raglan, the surf paradise from New Zealand.  It was an beautiful day for surfing, so we were really lucky. It also is an really quiet beach, what’s good. But maybe that was, because it was winter season. You can get a lesson from two hours from some really kind surf teachers. You start with practice on the ground and after a few minutes they bring you to the beach, where you can practice your surfing skills. If you don’t like to surf, there is also an possibility to hike in to the mountains (the sleeping lady). In the evening we did an harbour cruise to see the sunset. You sleep in an amazing hostel when you go to Raglan. The hostel is in the bush bush, but still with an view over the sea.

The second day we went to waitomo caves, were we did some caving. That is absolutely amazing. It doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or boy, you definitely think this is extreme. You go via a really small entrance into the caves and then you follow some small course. You go abseiling for 80 meters under the ground, also along some waterfalls. A cool part in the caves is that you can see a lot of glowwurms. After the caves, we went to a maori family to experience their culture. First you do the ceremony with the maori traditions including the hongi (nose kiss). After the ceremony, you got some really good food, made by the family and then you’re going to watch to some maori dances. Of course you also going to try them by yourself, what is fun! Post a good night you will sleep together in a beautiful maori house.


The next day we went to a national park called National park. Because of the wetter we were not allowed to do the hiking. But if you go there, try to do one of the beautiful walks. Instead of hiking we went to the hidden pool from Gollem, of the Lord of the Rings movie. The hostel were we stayed that night is absolutely relaxed. You have a good room for three people, so you just share your bathroom with two other people. Besides that, you have two hot tubs, were you can relax the hole evening. Or you can go to the bar just 100 meters further. That is what we did, a cool place to grip a beer.

After a good sleep in the hostel, we went to a place that called the blue duck station. Is was in the middle of nowhere, what makes it very special. In the midday we went haunting. You go with an jeep into the bush and see the beautiful nature and if you want you can go shoot some goats  or rabbits. In the evening we make an fire and enjoyed some beers and have some good talks and good sings. So conclusion, the STRAY trip was absolutely amazing!!! If you also want to go with stray just ask Chris or Luus or Lies for more information or experiences and you can book it via INTERNeX (if you’re from INTERNeX) with some discount.


Lies & Luus

INTERNeX New Zealand: Latest offer from our friends at Stray :)

Check out the latest offer from our friends at Stray. They’re offering great discounts on the Short Moe, Short Max and Short Maximus as well as some two for one activity deals.

INTERNeX New Zealand: Stray Journeys

Stray has recently launched its fixed touring product called “Stray Journeys”. Stray Journeys operates with the same philosophy as the flexible Stray Hop On Hop Off product, the difference being that Stray Journeys are pre packaged, pre organized, fixed length itinerary including great activities, accommodation and most meals. Some of the unique experiences offered include the traditional wharenui stay and an overnight cruise on Doubtful Sound. Check out http://www.straytravel.com for more information. Don’t forget if you book with us here at INTERNeX, you will get an additional 5% off 🙂


INTERNeX New Zealand: Stray Promo

Our friends at Stray have just launched their new promo “Short n Sweet” with specials on their Short Moe, Short Max, Moe and Max passes. Don’t forget if you book with us here at INTERNeX we can get you an extra 5% off 🙂

INTERNeX New Zealand: Stray Promo

Our friends at Stray have just launched the “Want More” Promo, offering 35% off the Everywhere, Moe and Short Max passes and up to 25% off any pass over $499. If you book through us here at INTERNeX we can get you an additional 5% off, how can you say no to that? 😉

Want More

INTERNeX New Zealand: Stray Promo

Hi all,

Our friends at Stray have a promo running at the moment- $75 for 4 days only. Book through us at INTERNeX New Zealand and we will give you an additional 5% off 🙂

Stray Promo On Now !

Hi everyone,

Our partner Stray launched a new promo with awesome discounts on all the passes, going from 30 to 50%.

So if you book the Max pass before the 14th of may, the price will not be 1430NZ$ but 715$ on which we add a special INTERNeX discount of 5% making it at 679NZ$ !

And for the cherry on the top, you have now two FREE boat cruises included in the passes ! One in the Raglan Harbour normally worth 59$ and one in the Abel Tasman National Park normally worth 69$…

So don’t hesitate to talk to us to book your trip, you can contact us by mail at pr@internexnewzealand.com or even come visit us at the office.

Cheers, Robin.

PR-Department INTERNeX New Zealand.

Stray also in Asia !

Hi everyone,

Christmas is approaching and of course it is the perfect time for presents…

That’s why Stray is offering 12 Stray Asia passes, one everyday before Christmas.

If you buy a Stray pass during this period, you get automatically into the draw.

And if you can’t travel over there, the passes are transferrable (quite a good Christmas gift for a friend…).

If you want to book or have any questions, you can drop an email at pr@internexnewzealand.com or come directly to the office.

Cheers, Robin.