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INTERNeX New Zealand: Annual American Express Queenstown Winter Festival

Hello Guys and Girls,

Just letting you know that if you are a big ski or snowboard fan, this winter in New Zealand is     going to be perfect for you!! For the past 2 days there has been a huge snow storm in the South Island which caused around a metre to a metre and a half of snow!

Not only is this great for the ski-season, but it is also a big bonus for the annual American       Express Queenstown Winter Festival that kicked of yesterday! As you probably already know, the Kiwis are always looking for reasons to make a party, and that is exactly how this Festival      started!

Back in 1975 a couple of locals from Queenstown basically decided that the Winter is super amazing and that the start of it needs to be celebrated! Since then, the Festival grew to be one of the biggest celebrations of Winter! The Queenstown Winter Festival is a 10-day celebration including street parties, fireworks, local ánd international acts, comedy, family fun and heaps of more fun stuff!

queenstown winter festival

INTERNeX New Zealand: Opening of the Ski-season

Kia Ora guys and girls!

As you all do or do not know, the ski season is about to be opened in the South Island. The first ski area to be opened will be Mt Hutt in Canterbury on the 12th of June, followed by Coronet Peak and Cardrona in the Queenstown and Wanaka areas. This seems like an amazing opportunity for you guys who are located in the south island or for the ones that are going to travel there!

Don’t worry if you are not going there anytime soon, because the ski-season last year lasted 128 days! And for you guys who are not going to the south island at all: INTERNeX is organizing a ski-trip in the North Island. More information about that will follow soon!!

Don’t forget that if you have ANY questions (also those not related to skiing) you can contact us via Facebook or via e-mail (pr@internexnewzealand.com).

We hope you are enjoying your time in New Zealand and we would love to receive some updates about how your stay is so far!

PR Team INTERNeX New Zealand

INTERNeX New Zealand: The Beauty of the South

The Beauty of the South

One of the most varied and beautiful places in the world, the South Island of New Zealand is a must-visit place, each town and city offering a unique experience, a few of my favorite are listed below.


One of my personal favorite places in New Zealand, Queenstown, is the premier four-season lake and alpine resort of the Southern Hemisphere.

Queenstown is located on the shores of Lake Wakitipu, in the South Island of New Zealand, and is home to stunning scenery. Attracting 1.9 million visitors every year, it is a place renowned for its incredible adrenaline pumping adventure activities and breathtaking outdoor terrain.

There is so much to do in Queenstown, from bungee jumping, skiing, snowboarding, spas, ecotourism, a great selection of bars and restaurants, to wine experiences, lake and river adventures, walking, hiking and biking and air adventures.

Springtime in Queenstown is the perfect time for fun and rejuvenation, with temperatures ranging between 8 and 22 degrees. Summer in Queenstown sees long leisurely days of between 20 and 30 degrees.

Autumn is a time of amazing golds and reds in Queenstown as trees turn and shed their leaves. Temperatures range between 12 and 25 degrees with days getting shorter.

Winter in Queenstown is breathtaking. Snowcapped mountains and crystal clear lakes provide opportunity for skiing, snowboarding and tubing, along with various winter events. Temperatures range between -2 and 8 degrees.


Lake Wanaka is another place famous for its natural beauty and is much loved by tourists and locals alike. Located about an hour’s drive from Queenstown, at the foot of the Southern Alps, Lake Wanaka is home to genuine hospitality, a stunning environment, independent passion and a vibrant community.

There’s plenty to see and do in Wanaka including Puzzling World, the Transport and Toy Museum, Have a Shot, Cardrona Adventure Park and BaseCamp. There are also plenty of Arts and Heritage attractions as Wanaka is home to a vibrant community of painters, sculptors, photographers, carvers and writers.

There are many breathtaking walks to be done in Wanaka and the surrounding areas including Mt Iron and Mt Aspiring National Park.


Arrowtown is a former gold mining town, which is now a popular holiday destination. Home to incredible scenery and a tranquil atmosphere this town attracts thousands of visitors from New Zealand and all over the world. It is built on the banks of the Arrow river and is home to several unique attractions including gold panning, the Lakes District’s Museum, a boutique cinema, some of the regions best wineries, golf courses, fishing and ski areas.

Arrowtown is located 20 minutes from Queenstown. 

New face and great trip.

Hi everyone, my name is Robin, and I am the new intern at INTERNeX New Zealand for nine months, I’ll be like Caro in the PR team. I’m sorry for this late first post, but I promise I will redeem myself with many other posts later this month.

I come from France and live in a region called Provence. I study political sciences there but also international relations and international affairs.

I arrived the 13th August and what I can say is that I have immediately been immersed into the land of the Long White Cloud.

On the 15th I was supposed to leave Auckland for five days for a famil trip with Stray into the South Island, more precisely to Queenstown. But due to the ice storm, the airport in Queenstown had been closed, and as a consequence, my flight had been cancelled… The next available was not until two days, so I took the plane to Christchurch on the 16th, and joined Queenstown with the NakedBus in 8 hours. It could have been a long and boring time, but the snowy landscapes made it pass really quickly. After 4 hours I arrived at the Lake Tekapo which was particularly amazing because of its azure colour that you can see below.

Lake Tekapo_2

I finally arrived in Queenstown in the evening for the beginning of the Stray famil trip. We were a group of 20, most of them were travel agents, or backpackers managers coming from  all around New Zealand and Australia.

Queenstown is known to be the capital of the adventure in the world, a must-do if you travel through the South Island and especially if you like extreme sports !

But no time for bungy jumping this evening because everything begins by a night in a really cool pub of the city called the Altitude bar where everybody learns to know everyone around a drink, or several…

The next morning, early wake-up we are heading to Bluff, the southernmost city of the South Island. There we take the ferry to Stewart Island, a preserved land of 1,746km² for only 400 permanent residents. The journey was definitely not made for the landlubbers, with waves from 1.5 meter to 2 meters, but everyone passed through with varying degrees of success.

Icebergs in the distance

The island has been preserved from the rats, possums, and other pests by electrical fences which border several areas where you can catch sight of ones of the last kiwis in freedom. Unfortunately, I did not have the chance to see one, and after walks on the paradise beaches of the Island (I definitely don’t advise you to swim there in the ocean at this period of the year…),

Stewart Island beach

we returned to the Mainland and headed to Invercargill, one of the host cities of the Rugby World Cup. There we heard that a concert was held the same night by the kiwi band I Am Giant, which last week was #2 in the NZ Chart and have a massive success in the South East Asia, Japan, and Australia. It was a really cool concert and the singer set the room on fire for more than two hours.

On Friday, we went to one of the jewels of the South Island : Milford Sound. On our way to the Fiordland, we passed by the Mirror Lakes, so called because of the reflect they give of the surrounding mountains by clear weather.

Mirror Lakes

Milford Sound is a wonder of the nature (Rudyard Kipling called it the eight wonder of the world !), whatever the weather : when it is clear and sunny  you can distinctly see the mountains, the cliffs… and when it rains, the mountains disappear but hundreds of waterfalls materialize. From the boat we also saw quite a few seals and penguins.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/42564157@N06/6074877038/in/photostream/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/42564157@N06/6074341239/in/photostream/

We spent the night in Gunn’s Camp (a Stray exclusivity), a place out of time originally built by the pioneers and where the heating is still made by wood stoves. After a camp fire, our guide, the camp owner showed us glow worms in the bush and we held a session of  « old tree free hug ».

On Saturday morning, we walked to the Humboldt Waterfalls and, Blair, a fellow participant of the trip who was challenged to swim into a creek, well… took up the challenge :

Blair in the creek.

Then we headed to Mount Cook. On the road, I was challenged in my turn, but this time this was in a frozen lake that I had to swim, and well… I also took up the challenge. Since the morning, my fellow travellers had been trying to find me an icy lake where I could « blossom », and finally, after 5 hours, they found the ideal spot… They all jumped out of the bus, I approached from the lake and what I saw did not reassure me : a dead big catfish was floating on the shore of the lake. Blair, the previous bather, advised me not to hesitate and that’s what I did. You would have guessed it, I did not stay for very long in the water and when I came out my skin immediately became scarlet… Unfortunately there is no photo from my camera attesting that but they will sure come soon from others’ cameras.

We finally arrived in sight of the Mount Cook, and at the best moment of the day : the sunset.

Mount Cook

It was pretty amazing and when we arrived in the Mount Cook village the night was there but we could distinguish the mountains surrounding us.

On the Sunday morning we headed to an alpine resort where we could take baths in hot pools. In the afternoon we left for Lake Tekapo where this was the time of the first separation, some went back to Queenstown and others went to Christchurch, me included. There, Andy and Gerti who were with us on the trip welcomed us in their really lovely backpackers called Old Country House which has been voted the best hostel in New Zealand for the last four out of five years. After a pizza night and the last beers of the trip, this was the time of another separation between the ones who were leaving us soon in the morning and the others in the afternoon.

I did not have much time to visit Christchurch but from what I saw, the city is of course still affected by the earthquake of 22nd February, and it is really impressive to be waken up by an earthquake, which happened to me this Monday, (I have been explained later that this is really usual for the city…).


Thus ended my first trip in the South Island with Stray, I never thought I could see so many things in my first days in New Zealand, and it has comforted me that my choice of going to New Zealand was the good one.

Thank you of course to Stray and INTERNeX  for this amazing trip.