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INTERNeX New Zealand: Meet the fun team!

This month the INTERNeX fun team has arrive to Auckland. They are 4 Dutch students that are here for around 6 months. Let’s meet them:

Daniëlle Hoorn

Hi, my name is Daniëlle Hoorn, I am a 24 years old student from the Netherlands and for the next 7 months I will be an intern at INTERNeX New Zealand. I am looking forward to improving my skills in the leisure management industry, which is the area that I am studying in.

I love traveling and immersing myself in the culture of the country where I am. What I like to do most is socialising with different people, that’s why I am so happy that I have the opportunity to be an intern at INTERNeX in New Zealand.

Working with INTERNeX gives me the chance to meet many different people from all over the world and to help them make the most of the time in New Zealand.

In my spare time I like to shop, hang out with my friends and go to the movies. I am very excited to meet new people, explore this beautiful country and make memories for a lifetime.

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Melanie Berberich

Hi everybody,

My name is Melanie Berberich and I am a 21-year-old Dutch student. The next 7 months I will be doing an internship at INTERNeX and I will be part of the FUN team!

In the Netherlands, I am studying Leisure management at the NHTV in Breda. This is a university in the south of the Netherlands where I was living before I came to Auckland. At the moment, I am in my third year and in my study, I am mainly focusing myself on the cultural venues within the Leisure industry. After I graduate I can work as an event manager at a music venue, theatre, museum or maybe a cultural festival.

I would like to describe myself as an open-minded person who likes to help people and experience new adventures all the time.

At home, I already worked for an event company that organised sports activities. In my time here I organised multiple activities and some big events.

In my free time, I like to meet with my friends, travel around the country, visit a museum and I do a lot of volunteering work.

I am very excited to work for INTERNeX and cannot wait to discover New Zealand!

Best wishes!

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Els Martens

Hi everyone,

My name is Els Martens and I am a 19-year-old student from Holland. I will be joining the INTERNeX FUN team for the next 7 months.

Back in Holland I am studying leisure management. I am learning how to organise different kind of events. I am currently in the third year of my study and I already have done/learned so much.

I love to help people. I only feel that my job is done when everybody is smiling. I also love to experience all kinds of new things.

At home, I like to keep busy so I am involved in lots of different activities. Those activities reach from organising fun weeks for kids to guiding adrenaline routes for adults.  Besides that, I also like to do some volunteering.

In the time that is left I love to meet with my friends and see lots of different places. I also really like to have a good time and just do some spontaneous things.

I am really looking forward to working at INTERNeX and I am ready to give it my best!


Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 1.54.28 PM

Maarten Bakx

Hi guys, my name is Maarten Bakx, I am 23 years old and I am from the Netherlands. This semester I am starting my internship at INTERNeX New Zealand.

I am a positive, social and open minded person who is experienced in organising activities for large groups. I study commercial economics IEMES at Fontys Hogeschool Tilburg. IEMES stands for International Event Music Entertainment Studies. At Fontys Hogeschool they teach us how to create and manage activities and how to manage the financial part of it.

In my spare time I was part of a commission that organises activities for Tilburg University, mostly sport-activities. Those projects require planning, social media activities, preparing and executing activities. I find these projects exciting and enjoy learning the new skills that come with it. Teamwork, communicating, approaching different people and taking initiative are skills that I have learnt and look forward to improving during my time with INTERNeX. We often get positive reactions about our activities and this gives me the energy to start a new adventure!


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If you want to contact them please write to:

View of Lake Pukaki in the South Island of New Zealand

8 Reasons to travel to New Zealand

Aotearoa, Maori for the land of the long white cloud.

New Zealand is home to some of the most beautiful and breathtaking landscapes in the world. The country is divided into two islands, where 4.6 million people and over 29 million sheep live (yes we have more sheep than people). It is where the Lord of the Rings movies were filmed and home to the best sports team in the world—the All Blacks.

If you’re still trying to decide on your next destination, here are the top 8 reasons why you should choose New Zealand;

  1. Hikers Paradise: New Zealand has many treks suitable both for newbies and experienced hikers. Both islands offer thousands of options for people who love hiking. The options for sceneries are also very varied, including forests, mountains, valleys, lakes, and rivers.

One of the most appealing characteristics of hiking in New Zealand is that there are no dangerous animals—no poisonous snakes, no deadly spiders, no dengue mosquito. So hike away with beauty and safety (remember to ensure you let someone know where you are going hiking and stick to the designated paths).

2. Beaches: Being an island (two actually), Kiwi’s have easy access to a vast amount of beaches. The country has over 29,000 km of coastline. Even in cities like Auckland, clean, beautiful beaches and ports are widely available, and some can even be accessed via ferry.

3. Incredible Nature: New Zealanders have done their best to preserve the natural habitat of the country. 13 national parks, 3 maritime parks, and hundreds of natural reserves are open for tourists. Moreover, there are several special rivers & lakes, which are protected by the government. In total, around 30% of the country’s land area is protected conservation land. Only here, can a river be considered a “legal person”.

4. Safety: The crime rates here are very low compared to other countries. New Zealand is the fourth safest country in the world.

5. A wide range of touristic offerings: It doesn’t matter whether you have a wide or tight budget—you will find an option that suits your pocket as well as your interests and time. From North to South you will find varied places to visit, so maybe the only difficulty would be to choose which ones!

6. Amazing Road Trips: Renting a car or even a camper van for your road trip is very easy. For backpackers, students, couples, and even entire families, driving around New Zealand for vacations is a popular activity, especially during summer.

7. International Environment: If you want to meet people from all over the world, this is the best place to do so. Auckland, the most populated city in the country, is like a mini New York. It is a cosmopolitan and diverse city where people from all over the world converge.

8. World’s Extreme sports capital: If you are an adrenalin lover, this is the place to be. Kiwis created the first bungee jumping in the world and the range of extreme sports is very interesting, you can choose skydiving, bungee, rafting, caves, zipline, canyoning, and much more.

9. Just happiness: The kiwi attitude is all about being happy and chilled. The fun thing here is that it is contagious.

I’m sure you are convinced now…

Remember INTERNeX can help with all of your travel bookings so get in touch today for more information –

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Natalia travelling

INTERNeX New Zealand: New team member!

Hi everyone!

My name is Natalia Moncada, the newest member of INTERNeX New Zealand. I am a 26 years old, social communicator from Bogota, Colombia.

I have worked in different companies, such as Kimberly-Clark Colombia, PwC Mexico, and Havas Worldwide Vale Mexico. I have experience in communications, marketing and advertising. In my previous job, I created advertising strategies for different brands in the entertaining, retail, and food industries.

I am now studying Digital Marketing here in Auckland and will be working at INTERNeX 20 hours per week around my studies.

I will be in charge of supporting administrative activities in the company and also optimising internal and external communications.

I have always loved to travel and I’ve been very lucky to see some amazing places already. Now that I am in New Zealand I’m looking forward to discovering more wonderful places in this country (especially hiking places).

I am very excited to work with the INTERNeX team and to get to know all our travellers and partners.  I want to help as much as I can and have fun while doing it.

Feel free to email me anytime on

NZ School Holiday Volunteer Program – Applications Open!

Are you passionate about working with children, being a role model and keen to gain experience in early childhood? Our program has been designed for those wanting to gain real life experience working with children in a fun environment in New Zealand!

The next intake is April 17th!

One and Two week Programs available!

Key Details 

  • working with children aged 5-14
  • Fun daily adventures and activities
  • Gain new life experiences
  • Build relationships

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Welcome to the Team Milou!

Hi everyone,

My name is Milou and I will work at INTERNeX New Zealand for the upcoming 4 months. I am 21 years old and a graduate student from the Netherlands.

I grew up in Teteringen, which is a small village next to the popular student city Breda in the south of the Netherlands. I have been studying International Leisure Management at the NHTV and nearly finished this study. In New Zealand, I will research the communication and relationship between INTERNeX and the (active) farmstays as part of my graduation assignment.

Last year, I did my internship at one of the biggest wedding planners of Malta (Y Plan Events Ltd.). Although I had an amazing time, I came to New Zealand to work for a completely different company and experience; already enjoying it to the fullest!

I will be in contact with the participants of the farmstays in the upcoming months so keep an eye on your inbox! 🙂 If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to have a chat!





Stray North Island

After New Year I have been on a 2 week holiday trip with Stray. I started in Rotorua and had an amazing trip around the east coast with Lantern (Fun fact: they get their nickname when they do their training trip from their coach

20170103_201832.jpg) as driver. The weather was really bad when we were leaving Rotorua but when we arrived at our first overnight stop in Te Kaha the weather cleared up. First we were meeting the family who are the hosts of the homestay. With a big group we were going to the beach and played some games in the water and some people took a kayak and went out on the see. After a good time in the see we went in the jacuzzi and had a good time with some drinks. Then it was time for the seafood buffet. It was delicious. Then we went for some music and some games. We had to think of our own song and we made our own text on the song Take on me from a-ha. They loved it.

received_1491442484218902The next day we were heading to Tatapouri. First we were going to the most eastern lighthouse of the world. The weather was beautiful and we had to walk up 800 steps to reach the lighthouse. After that we were moving on to Tatapouri. There you had the option to feed stingrays!! That was so much fun to do. The stingrays are not captured but are just living in that area. I believe there were 7 or 8 angel rays and 1 short tale stingray, so quite a lot. We bought drinks on the way to the coasts and played some fun games during the night. The next morning you have the chance to see the first sunrise in the world!!

After the first 2 nights it was time to head back to Rotorua. The first stop was Gisborne where we had some lunch and some time at the beach. Then we had to move on to Rotorua and were passing White Island what is an active volcano. In Rotorua we meet up for a drink in the bar and had a fun night and had to say goodbye to some people and our driver Lantern.20170105_103934.jpg

After spending 1 spare day in Rotorua we moved on to Lake Aniwhenua with our new driver Romeo. It was the day for a cultural experience. First we stopped in the middle of nowhere and our guide was taking us to old Maori carvings in the middle of the forest. It was quite special to see. After seeing the carvings we were going to their village and had a cultural ceremony. Afterwards we were heading to the lodges wer20170107_201731.jpge we stayed for the overnight and we had the best weather ever and had time to chill. You could sign up for some activities. You could go cooking, learning the Haka, weaving and night ealing. I signed up for the Haka and night ealing. Doing the Haka and learning some self-defence was quite fun, and heard from the people who did the cooking it was so much fun. They made us the bread for the ‘Hangi’ meal. It was really good. After the dinner it was time for night ealing. That was really a nice thing to do. I catched two eals!

The next day we moved on and were heading to Whakahoro with a stop in Taupo. In Taupo I did a Skydive! I went up to 12000 ft and jumped out of a plane. I really recommend to do it once in your life and why not here in New Zealand. It is such an amazing experience! Everyone else had a nice 2 hour break in Taupo.


After that we moved on to the Blue Duck Station in Whakahoro. That is seriously in the middle of nowhere without any mobile connection. We stayed there for 2 days and it was amazing. On the first night we had dinner from the Argentinian chef that works at the station. In the evening we had a img-20170115-wa0004campfire and had a good evening, it definitely made the group closer. On the 2nd day it was time for the activities. I personally did some hunting, kayaking and clay bird shooting. It was such a good day and I don’t regret of buying the Blue Duck pass with Stray.In this pass is accommodation, food and 3 activities are included so you don’t have to buy anything for 2 days. It is so worth it! In the evening a 2nd bus of Stray arrived and had a pretty good time with them as well and meet up with some other people who were on the same bus as us before but who hopped off somewhere on the route.
The next day we were heading to National Park where Stray normally does the Tongariro Alpine Crossing but we couldn’t do that because the wind didn’t allow it unfortunately. So we had a relaxing day and I think some people didn’t really mind but of course they preferred to walk the Alpine Crossing.20170113_111506.jpg

Last stop of my trip was Wellington. They are not joking about windy Wellington. It was so windy, almost storming. First we went with a group to the museum, where you could see some history about New Zealand and the animal life in New Zealand.


We had a goodbye drink in the bar and I played some beer pong with Santa. I spend one more day in Wellington and went up a hill with a cable car to the gardens. After that we went to a small cinema with really nice seats and watched a movie. In the evening we were meeting up with the people who didn’t went to the South Island in a nice restaurant and had a really good time. On Friday it was time to move back to Auckland. But it was such an amazing trip and I am happy that I did it with Stray!

When you are really excited about this story and want to travel with Stray as well. Let us know and we can help you with booking it and give you a INTERNeX discount!



New intern

Hi Everyone! My name is Michelle van den Bos and I am the new intern at INTERNeX. I am born and raised in Dordrecht which is located near Rotterdam in the Netherlands. I am 23 years old and I study International Leisure Management.

2017-01-17-16-28-26As the name of my degree already says it is very international, before I came here to do my internship I was in the USA for an exchange program. Besides that I have already worked on a summer camp in the USA, on a camping in France, and as an Au-Pair in London.
As you may imagine I love to live and work abroad, and it may not surprise you that one of my main hobbies is to travel and experience new cultures/places.

In addition to travelling I also like to do sports, before I started my Leisure Management degree I studied sports. My favourite sports are: korfball (which no one will know), skiing, snowboarding and scuba diving.

I’m looking forward to start my internship and help you all with, hopefully, the best experience of your life! I hope I will be able to answer all of your questions and I’m looking forward to meet everyone.